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Condo address: 4011 Brickstone Mews, Mississauga, ON, L5B 0J7
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Run Away

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Boneco Rama May 13, 2019
Where do I start? Air Conditioner doesn't work properly in the summer. Heating miscalculated - some bedrooms are 5 degrees colder than the others. No hot water in winter... The fire alarm... it will go off in the middle of the night every other day (mostly due to people smoking in the stairwell). Garbage everywhere... the garage looks like a dumpster, dirty and dark (light fixtures are all broken). Oh, and the elevators... good luck with them. Most of the time only 2 of 4 are working (for a 50 floors building). Plan 20 minutes extra time just waiting for it on rush hour. Garbage chute is out of order most of the days, so residents will leave garbage everywhere. People who live in this building simply don't care. Management is the worst and couldn't care less, vandalism happens and they simply won't do anything. Short term rentals such as Airbnb are not allowed but clearly happens. Amenities would be amazing if they worked - the swimming pool and sauna are always out of order, a dog park is dirty. The gym is clean and nice, though. The units are beautiful, high ceilings, nice modern kitchen and amazing views, but the tradeoff is not worth it.
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(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by Luca Dec 10, 2018
This review is for 4011 Brickstone Mews. I never write reviews, but this one just has to be done. Where do I start.. This building is the pinnacle of luxurious garbage. An absolutely embarrassing place to bring your friends and family. One elevator has been down almost all year, and management simply stopped updating us on the timeline. The same note has been on the doors for months, saying that they would have an update at the end of the week. Complete lack of respect for residents. The sauna was just fixed recently as it hasn’t been working since they opened the building. Almost two years. The parking garages are full of people’s disgusting garbage and waste. They just throw it all over. No respect. Gym is pretty nice and clean. Management is a bunch of kids and they should be embarrassed of how incompetent and ignorant they are. They are truly a joke. Yes, you. The building is about 85% people who have no respect for where they live and keeping it clean. The fire alarms going off have gotten better, it went from every single day, to every other day. So that’s a 50% decrease. You can’t drive down Brickstone Mews without beeping at someone blocking your way just waiting in their car. Horrible drivers. Mind you the street is not wide enough to be considered two lanes. It is one lane. They don’t care, they sold all the units so who cares how the residents live right? The police might as well just put their station right in one of the retail units that nobody wants to lease, because they’re here all the time. If you like waking up to gunshots in your hallway because a guy is trying to break into your neighbour’s unit by attempting to shoot a deadbolt lock off (lol). Then move right in! This happened this morning at 5am. To wrap it up, It’s clear to see that the builder and management have no concern about keeping residents happy. They made their money and now it’s on to the next horrible building. I’m so happy that I’m renting and that I didn’t buy a unit here. It would be a disaster. Just don’t move here. You’ll instantly regret it. If my landlord wasn’t the nicest person in the world then I would have moved back to rexdale. (Yeah, I rather live in the rex than here). Don’t be fooled by the units. They’re really nice, but just not worth all the other problems it comes with. Maybe M City will be different, but AVIA FAILED MISERABLY. Thanks
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High ceilings, great unit

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Zalim B. Jan 11, 2018
The new condo building with typical finishings you'd expect from the condo of this type. I am happy with the purchase as prices here in Mississauga are lower than in Toronto. My unit has a nice, functional floor plan without any wasted space. My unit has higher ceilings and some amazing views of both northern and east directions. I wish a balcony would be a bit larger but that's ok. A very nice kitchen - I paid extra to get high-end appliances. Sleek washrooms - great place to live in.
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Similar to other condos

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alejandra S. Jan 03, 2018
This condominium is similar to the other new ones, I have seen - similar finishes, similar units’ sizes. One thing to mention is the speed of the elevator. They are not fast, quite slowly actually. Overall though a good value for money opportunity.
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Visited a Penthouse here

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jawahar V. Dec 17, 2017
I saw a two-bed room penthouse here. Floor-to-ceiling windows and very high ceiling. The kitchen with modern KitchenAid appliances is very chic. Very nicely finishings. Bedrooms offers a lot of closet space but unfortunate the unit has some wasted space through a walkway. Simple, clean building architecture from outside. The second washroom for guests has still decent size. Given its location, a very nice place to live.
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Top location

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Marianna H. Nov 23, 2017
Very conveniently located in the centre of Mississauga. It is a large, very new condominium building. Due to its size, it feels a bit impersonal. A gigantic parking is combined with retail parking.
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