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Condo address: 265-285 Enfield Place, Mississauga, L5B 3Y7
(2.9 out of 5 stars)
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Watch out before you move in

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Wahid Jan 01, 2020
Before you decide to move in, come and meet the manager and you will refer to her for any issues you encounter in the future. I guarantee you will never find someone who is ruder than her... Her attitude is HORRIBLE. She will yell at you if you smile at her... Anyway even the security guy, his attitude is HORRIBLE as well. I had the WORST experience in this building, I would never think about living here even if I get a free condo. And if you try to complain good luck, they don't even CARE
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(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jasmine Dec 07, 2019
This building has the best location in Mississauga. It is walking distance from Square One, right across a wonderful small Japanese park and a school and steps away from Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario where the new LRT transit will run. The building doesn't look great, it is one of the older buildings in the city but the units are spacious and well laid out, better than most condos in the city. There are very decent amenities, a pool, sauna, party room, basketball court, tennis court, barbeque area, pool table and squash. The most annoying part about the condo is the lack of upkeep of outdoor areas. The landscaping needs to be done more frequently and the windows need t to be washed. Overall this is a great building as a starter home or investment with the lowest maintenance fees in Mississauga (at less than $600 everything is included in the price, TV and internet too). So, if you're looking for a great location, good size and affordability this building will do the job.
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Management Issues

(2.6 out of 5 stars)
by renter_2018 Sep 01, 2019
We have a very good landlord not a single problem with them. The condo unit is in a very great location. The only problem we had is the service we got from management. It was very unacceptable and never had experienced this before with the service that we are paying for. Same as Condo Life we had bad encounters with the lady from management. Too much talking and none is done. We also waited for spare keys for too long. Also had a bad experience with the security. So, reach the gate to the basement and my Fob was not working so I called and it worked. I thought it was only for the gate but reach the basement and still did not work. I am parked in P3, so I walked to P2 to call. When I called the security he screamed on the speaker multiple times. I cannot remember if he said push or pull the door. Imagine you asked nicely and you get screamed. After that, I went to security to have my Fob checked. Also checked who was screaming at me. So I asked if it was him he said that it was the speaker and he did not scream. He asked for my Fob and checked it and said you need to go to management. It was Saturday, no office no action. So what do I do? Lucky I have family and I can borrow one. So if I am alone? How will it work? After that, I told him that the speakers do not scream multiple times if you did not do it. He was upset and said that it would be nice if you asked properly and said other things as I was leaving and he was even shouting. How I wish we could terminate our contract immediately.
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(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by amado Jun 30, 2019
Management are a failure, they changed the carpet to a very bad quality one. The old carpet looks great and spotless. The new carpet looks dirty only after one month of installation, they picked a cheap quality and an off white colour that doesn't suit a high traffic building.
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265/285 Enfield Pl - Avoid it

(2.3 out of 5 stars)
by Condo Life Aug 06, 2018
With the landlady wanting to sell the place I rented before, I had to move out and after a lot of searching found something at 265 Enfield Place. The location was as good as Kaneff (the pace where I lived before)and the condo size was decent at 900 sq. ft. However, the real story unfolded when I moved in. This might sound like a story probably a diatribe but, bear with me.

1) There are no instructions for someone who is moving in. The owner has to provide details to the management office but, after that you are on your own till the time you need something or want to clarify how things work. That is when the so-called Management office will stake claim. The reason I say so called is because the lady who sits in the office knows very little about Management and will give you instructions, make flashy statements and do that not with a smile or kind word but at her rude and arrogant best.

2) After I called to ask about the building, I was barked at on the phone that you need to fill a form before any information can be given or any service is provided. I submitted a completed form with a certified cheque which is refundable as the building has fiber internet which can be used by getting a modem for which they need a deposit. You still need to buy a router once you get a modem. Anyway, I was told that it will take 2 weeks to get the modem. When I asked why it will take 2 weeks I was shouted at and told 'it is a privilege the building is providing you not a right' blah blah. I wanted to shout back but, wasn't sure I wanted to or it would be appropriate. I had to fill another form to get mailbox keys which I was told will be provided in a few days and also requested for my name to be added in the directory so that people who visit can be let in when they buzz from outside.

3) After two days there was no mailbox keys. I called every day for the next few days until I got the keys after 7 days. When I asked about the modem I was told I haven't had the time but will call you when the modem is ready. When I called after two weeks since no one called me, I was told by that same lady that I haven't had the time to fix an appointment and will let you know when the modem is ready. They (the providers) may come next week on Tuesday as 06-Aug-18, Monday is a holiday. It has been three weeks since I had moved in and I have been living without internet since then. Also, my name hasn't been updated in the directory either.

4) On my way back from work on Friday, 03-Aug-18, I was early so decided to check status by going to the Management office that closes at 17:30. On asking about whether the modem people will come on 06-Aug-18, I was told they are now going to come on 17-Aug-18 to address the internet in other apartments as well. When I said this means it will be 4 weeks and it had started with 2 weeks? I was shouted at again saying 'didn't I tell you or your husband that it is a privilege, which unit number etc.' I told her I am not married and you have told me this before but had you told me 4 weeks I would asked a provider like Fido, Rogers etc. to come and install it. She continued to make comments. I told her I will come and take the certified cheque back next week as I had started to think to call a provider and check their timeline before cancelling this option. She turned around and told me, you want to take the cheque back, take it now, here it is, it is going to the Bank today, this is not a game blah blah blah…

5) I changed the topic by asking about the name in the directory. She asked an old gentlemen who helps her out occasionally can I get the machine on Tuesday? He nodded and she said she will do it next week. I said I will let you know about the cheque next week and she said once it goes to the Bank, it will take time for the accountant to write it, won't be instant and I said that is fine. By that time the old gentleman was getting bugged, he said thank you and I said thank you and left.

6) For both these building i.e. 265 and 285 Enfield place this lady is the only one in the Management Office. So while I understand there is pressure, she is understaffed and I am sure there are other problems but, if you are in a service role you cannot behave the way she does. She is rude, arrogant and totally the opposite of courteous. I have been in this building for 3 weeks now but, want to leave as I feel unwelcomed and totally irritated. Sadly, I will have to complete my lease for a year before leaving. I am not even going to ask about the modem or directory update.

7) The only thing good about the building is its location and that all utilities are included in the rent. The interiors are dilapidated, the service is poor and maintenance is basic. The garden and tennis court have been in repair mode for over a year and after I asked the security at the reception when they will be ready, he laughed and asked me to go and speak to the lady in the office.
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