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Condo address: 12-14 York-St, Toronto, ON, M5J 0A9
(2.6 out of 5 stars)
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(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by Resident Sep 27, 2021
Same comment as most here. Problems: Elevators - always broken. Fire Alarm: This one is the most annoying, it got better since last year when I moved in, but still happens a lot, usually at night when you are sleeping. It's not only removing the fire alarm though, as the speakers are equally high, so looks like the concierge is right next to your bed screaming in your ear - Garbage Chute is always out of service. I usually go there without the bags before to check if it is working. Gym: Require reservation due to Covid but since day 1 its always fully booked, so no Gym! Pool: Didn't check it yet as it reopened recently only... but by the comments, I saw I wouldn't dare use it anyways. Airbnb: Reading the comments, this seems to be a lot worse in the past, but it's still a big issue. Fire alarms mentioned above are usually from those units. You do see a lot of people coming for parties
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Villy Dec 28, 2020
What a journey! I have lived at ICE for almost 5 years and have seen ups and downs of the building. (Ups when I just moved in and progressively things went downhill) Here’s my review based on experience at both ice 1 & 2! 1) Elevators - there’s ALWAYS 1+ elevator out of service; usually parking elevators go down together! Elevators are ridiculously slow and it takes 5+ seconds for it to open doors upon arrival. If all elevators are working, I’d suggest you go and buy a lottery ticket!!! 2) Airbnb - the building allows Airbnb and at a certain point (before covid) over 75% of all units were specifically for short-term rentals!!! With Covid hitting the rental market hard more units got occupied by long term rentals; however, for those who remain Airbnb you’d notice how the quality of people significantly decreased and you’ll meet a lot of sketchy people (aka ghetto gangsters or Jane & Finch folks) down in the lobby, not to mention women with low morals. Since I moved-in 3 people got shot and 1 stubbed - all Airbnb guests; not to mention about parties, noise complaints - which are ignored by management and many other ‘fun’ things along with it. 3) Fire Alarm - get used to it, happens on average 2-3 times a week; usually from 3-4 AM so get yourself a good pair of earplugs! 4) Management - great people work here, both head office and service folks!! - too bad they just can’t keep up with the building madness and had to establish some unpopular rules. One of which is elevator booking. You can only book moving elevator Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm and 10pm-12am, no weekends or holidays, so prepare to take a day off work otherwise good luck trying to schedule a move in between 2 buildings (if you’re moving from/to other condos) 5) Building Amenities - no such thing at ICE! No longer visitors parking available; Gym is only for the building to put a checkmate against it as available; Pool/jacuzzi/Sauna are always closed for maintenance, however, if it’s open I wouldn’t dare you to use it as STD is guaranteed (circle back to point #2 Airbnb). It says the building is connected to the PATH which isn’t true - may be available in 2021. 6) Location - amazing!! So convenient and close to everything. Union Station is next door, Longos with LCBO across the street, tons of restaurants and entertainment around the area. 7) Units itself - if you’re lucky to get a good view it may be worth it if it’s below $1,700 (based on 2020 prices). Loved my place, I was high up 50+ floor with a huge balcony and amazing views of the city and CN Tower. Never had any issues with my unit’s appliances, pipes or electricity so good quality overall. ANYWAYS, think wisely before you commit to a yearlong contract and hopefully, my review helps to make the right decision - Cheers!
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What to expect...

(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by Shay Dec 23, 2020
As a resident of the ice condos for almost 4 years, I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND the ICE CONDOS!!! This is what you can expect: SHOOTINGS, ice condos making the news, high volumes of Airbnb guests, loud rowdy parties/neighbors, noise disturbances at ALL HOURS of the night (and day), overcrowded elevators, garbage thrown on your balcony from balconies above, garbage chutes out of service, amenities closed for months at a time "for maintenance", elevators breaking and out of service for MONTHS at a time, sometimes the elevators get stuck when it's windy and unfortunately sometimes people are in the elevator when this happens (if you are claustrophobic please take note), sometimes none of the elevators are in service so you have to take the stairs, people smoking in their units & it coming into yours through the vents, fire alarms (ESPECIALLY in the middle of the NIGHT... This happens very frequently... the fire alarms get pulled by Airbnb, the homeless & random people since ice condos are connected to the path and everyone has access to the building), REAL FIRES, FLOODS and HOT WATER DISTURBANCES sometimes for DAYS. Storytime: Over Summer 2020 there was a flood on my floor, the contractors demanded I open my door and give them access to my suite so they could put this huge thing on my toilet to drain the water. My door was left open the entire time, I didn't have access to my washroom and I had no privacy. After about 45 minutes when I asked how long it would take because I had to step out and couldn't leave my unit unattended he replied "however long it takes" in a very rude tone. This is one of MANY stories I have living here. This building looks nice at first glance but it was very cheaply made so everything breaks and takes WEEKS or MONTHS to repair. If you enjoy sleeping at night and feeling at peace find another building. P.S. I posted a review on the Ice Condominiums Facebook page a few months ago however the page does not show up when I search for it on my account. That could only make me assume they blocked me for exposing what actually happens here.
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Many problems

(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by Tenant Nov 06, 2020
This building has a great location, but it is all. The problems start with the elevators in both towers, high and lower floors. Water pressure problem, garbage disposal doesn't work correctly. The fire alarm has a problem and it sounds almost 2 times per week at midnight our between 3 am and 5 am for any reason. Additionally, the building has design and administrative problems.
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The worst condo in TORONTO

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
This building is not safe! Don't come here trust me!!! Look up even the stabbings happened here before! SWAT team even has been here before!
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Do not buy

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Toronto123 Nov 19, 2019
While the location is central and the units are modern and bright, I would highly discourage buying in this building for the following reasons: At any given time, 1-2 (out of 5) elevators are down for “maintenance” which can last weeks to months. On top of that, another elevator is often unavailable during moving times. Come to this building on any given night and you’ll see a looong line of angry residents waiting for an elevator. It is overrun by Airbnb guests who leave garbage everywhere. The pool amenities are constantly down for repair. At least once per week. They just notified us that there is no visitor parking in the building going forward. At all. So hopefully your friends and family never want to come to visit.
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Do not live here.

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by Iced Jun 26, 2019
Having lived in the building as a renter for the last 2 years, I highly discourage anyone looking to purchase a unit or rent a unit to live in to choose this building. The occupancy in the building consists of 80% Airbnb users, making it feel unsafe, dirty, and like living in an unregulated hotel. While there have been changes in the security team, they still fail to stop loads of Airbnbs that tailgate into the building behind residents - meaning you never know who's in the building and for what purpose. The architect's decision to include only 2 elevators for 30 floors, and an additional 3 for the next 32 floors - is inhumane. Keep in mind that AT LEAST one of these elevators is usually broken for months at a time. Leaving 62 units of occupants - along with the Airbnb guests several suitcases - fending for 4 elevators. Honestly, if you're considering this building, don't.
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Curved unit layout

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by SN Oct 24, 2018
The curved layout of units here creates a lot of dead space. Also pillars in the middle of some units occupy additional space. The Concierge typically lets everybody in. Amenities are quite ok. High speed elevators which is a must for such a tall building.
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Good building for owners

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Daniel Sep 30, 2018
Building is generally well-constructed with good materials in the units. Concierge and security services are excellent and staff are consistently friendly. Between Ice 1 and 2, there are two gyms (weights and cardio), a pool, children’s play room, massage room, several party rooms, etc. Lobby and common areas are usually well maintained. There have apparently been elevator and fire alarm issues in the past however these have not been prevalent lately.
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a beautiful building

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sam V. Dec 27, 2017
The condo developer is known for commercial real estate. This complex has two phases I and II. Architecturally really nicely done from outside - completely glass, frosted glass. The lobby area conveniently connected to the path. Most units have really nice views - that's very positive for the downtown Toronto. This condo complex has a gym and a pool. The gym is on the simpler and smaller side, not as big as you'd expect when looking at the building from outside. Very nicely hallways going with the theme of ice. The units are on the smaller side though.
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Great for young professionals

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Ali H. Nov 25, 2017
You live directly in the downtown core with a few minutes walk to many buildings in the financial district. 5 minutes walk to the waterfront in case you are tired of cars and noise. Probably not the best place to live with a family but very good if you are young and work nearby. The building itself is very nice and stands out among other downtown skyscrapers.
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directly in the downtown

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Linsey M. Nov 12, 2017
If you work in the downtown, one of the best places to live in - very close to the Toronto business core. It is directly connected to path so you can get to work without going outside (at least I do). Do not expect too much of green space around, it is downtown hardcore - tons of roads, highways (including Gardiner highway) and cars every hour of a day. My unit could have been larger.
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Very "busy" building...

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Rodney W. Oct 11, 2017
Very "busy" building with high traffic of young people. The building itself very tall with high number of units - that probably explains such busy common areas. Great city/lake views from the windows. A decent size gym. There is also a swimming pool.
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You should know..

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Aug 22, 2017
I would just point to this thread
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