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Condo address: 12-14 York-St, Toronto, ON, M5J 0A9
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Do not live here.

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by Iced Jun 26, 2019
...Having lived in the building as a renter for the last 2 years, I highly discourage anyone looking to purchase a unit or rent a unit to live in to choose this building. The occupancy in the building consists of 80% Airbnb users, making it feel unsafe, dirty, and like living in an unregulated hotel. While there have been changes in the security team, they still fail to stop loads of Airbnbs that tailgate into the building behind residents - meaning you never know who's in the building and for what purpose. The architect's decision to include only 2 elevators for 30 floors, and an additional 3 for the next 32 floors - is inhumane. Keep in mind that AT LEAST one of these elevators is usually broken for months at a time. Leaving 62 units of occupants - along with the Airbnb guests several suitcases - fending for 4 elevators. Honestly, if you're considering this building, don't...
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