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Condo address: 2230-2240 Lake Shore Blvd West | 15 Legion Rd, Etobicoke, ON, M8V 0B1
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by JC Sep 11, 2019
...We have been very pleased with our purchase and quality of life since the beginning. We have gotten to know many residents and everyone is friendly and cordial. The location is fantastic, facing the lake and flanking the Mimico creek. We can see the sunrise and birds feeding by the water. The amenities are extensive with beautiful terraces for lounging and barbecuing. The management is really pleasant and so is the rest of the staff. We have had some issues with elevator maintenance, which are rare now and quickly resolved in the last few years. The neighbourhood is centrally located with easy access to downtown, Pearson airport and major highways. We are also across from the waterfront bicycle trail and have a seasonal farmers market each Saturday. The balconies in most units are huge which allow for a superb balance on indoor/outdoor enjoyment. With unobstructed views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline, this building provides a wonderful place to live...
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Put it this way...

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by Anonymous Oct 25, 2017
Let me just put it this way. It's never pleasant to talk to the security guard who works at the front desk about almost any issue I have experienced. I'm not a passionate greetings giver, but I always begin my inquiries with "hello", "hi", or "good afternoon", which I have never heard the guard saying such words ever. He's answers (helpful or not) are rather a command. Now each time when I claim any packages or parcels that were delivered to the front desk has become a unpleasant experience. I know I'm not living in a 4/5 star hotel, and I don't expect the staff here to be over welcoming. But at least I expect some sense of politeness. The 2nd issue is the elevator. 3 elevators for a 40+ floor building is not enough. I know it's a existing condition when we decided to buy a condo unit here. We accept that. But often we experience only one elevator function at a time. 10 minutes waiting (especially when you wait at p4 parking level) is terrible.
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