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Condo address: 60 Byng Ave, North York, ON, M2N 4K3
(4.0 out of 5 stars)
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(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Love it Dec 26, 2021
We have owned it at the moment since it was built. Just love it. Great management and wonderful tenants. Would like to see halls renovated with fresh paint/wallpaper and new carpets. We rate this building a five stars!
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jafang Oct 08, 2020
I've been renting at this condo for less than 3 months and I'm already to get out of here. The management just amazes me. The whole building is disgusting all the carpet on the floor in the elevator or hallway you can see that a dog peed on it. It smells really bad in the elevators. Worst of all when you order food from Uber Eats or any other food delivery they will not have the person come in to deliver at the door. I've been sick for 1 week, did not cook and I was actually afraid that I might have Covid. So I literally had to beg security to allow my Uber Eats deliverer to come up to deliver my food at my door. Which they had refused! My food was left on the nasty carpet of the entrance (not even inside)! I had to go downstairs sweating, already sick to grab my food. Is it even logical to have someone who orders food the majority of the time busy with work at home and sick (possibly have Covid) to go down and grab their food? What an inconvenience! In my old building, everything made sense people were allowed upstairs to deliver food at the door, all amenities were open. In fact, this place before Covid the gym was nasty and the pool was not even open! That is only the building outside of the unit, inside the unit is even worse. The space is extremely small for 2 people. The bedroom flooring does not make any sense at all. Inside of it is a rectangle where you have room for your furniture it is shaped like a rhombus with leftover space that cannot even be used! The fans are not even fixed, at night if one fan is on the noise is so loud you cannot even sleep! People are always smoking on the balcony... You cannot even open your windows! This is the worst condo to ever live in! Don't rent here and for sure DO NOT BUY here!
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Great luxury condo

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Mark Sep 22, 2020
Great luxury condo with well-maintained units and building in immaculate condition! Management is diligent about owners and keeping long term fees low. Unlike many other buildings, the condo fee includes hydro. We have been living here for over 4 years and are very satisfied and happy with our home! The neighborhood is fantastic with just about everything is a fast walking distance away!
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Purchased in 2017

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by MTa Jan 10, 2018
I purchased a unit in this condominium in October 2017. It is a 2 bedroom unit with dan converted into a walk-in closet and 2 washrooms. My unit has a large balcony offering a panoramic eastern view. I really like the layout and the fact that I have a separate kitchen that is separated from the living room with a wall. The building has 2 swimming pools, gym, and heated lockers which is great. All staff is very friendly. All restaurants, services, and stores are located within a few minutes by foot. I love this place and can not wait for summer months to see the area in green colours and make use of my spectacular balcony.
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Great location in Willowdale

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by SB Dec 19, 2017
The building is very modern and nicely located at the corner of Bing and Doris. Yonge street is just 350 meters away and time to walk to Finch subway station is around 5-7 minutes. If you want to walk to the North York subway station, it will take you 15 min. There is a plenty of small, cozy restaurants and cafes around. If you need to do groceries, Metro store is located just a block away. A few steps further south you will find Loblaws. My unit has beautiful south-east and east views of the Willowdale neighborhood. Very quiet and relaxing. A very bright unit - I have the sun shining into my windows almost the whole day. The condo unit itself is modern and very convenient. I am extremely happy with the purchase in this building and this neighbourhood.
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Well preserved condo

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Hala Dec 05, 2017
The building is situated in the heart of Willowdale, one of the top neighborhoods in Toronto. The external appearance is very modern, the appearance seems newer than the age of the structure. The internal structure would need some upgrading such as the common space e.g corridors/hallways.
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