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Condo address: 180-188 University Ave, Toronto ON, M5H 0A3
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High-end living

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Michael Feb 19, 2018
The location is awesome - you are in the middle of everything, directly in the downtown. The building is beautiful offering spacious condo units. I really love washroom finishings. Views are breathtaking and impress the guests. At the same the service is more on the cold, transactional side. Also having a Shangri-La hotel on your side does not really add too many benefits.
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Things are not as they seem

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jun 14, 2017
Things are not as they seem... Very nice features such as location and "amenities" However... Think "Lotophagi" for those who know Greek mythology...

Cheap material high profits - The condo units are cheaply made. For example, many units have already needed the floors replaced. This is due to the fact that shoe heels will dent the "hardwood" flooring (less than a year old). Personal experience - in 4 months, needed plumbing issues resolved.. twice! Also, the cheap carpet continues to leave fibers like hairballs everywhere.

Staff - Very cold and distant. Concierge acts more like an authority figure then assistance. And after a number of months here (greeting, conversation, and even tips) they still seem to be clueless about who lives here.

Processes - Major... major disconnected or standards. Building, Concierge, Hotel, Owners, and Tenants are all in their own world. No means of communication or standard forum. For example, have booked the freight elevator three times. Each time, the process has changed. From Free to 40 dollars... to 500 dollars. Also with, who are you again? ( see above).

Hotel amenities - Yes, offered to you if providing your credit card number (which is fine) However, they also hit your credit card for 2K first! Then start to deduct funds as you go. Sorry, you can not use my cash for your investments in the name of "amenities"...

No common space, this is a business first and foremost - The residents' lounge is a waiting room. Two sofas and a chaise lounge, that's it. If you think of using the hotel lobby, to just relax, think again. This is not a lobby, this is a lounge/restaurant. Within moments of sitting down, an emotionless host will be at your table awaiting orders. Unless your here to purchase something, you will be pressured to "move along". But purchasing and stating resident status is meaningless also. Next time to the lobby, back to cold get out mode from the host.

Shangri La branding, something not right - From all other "real" Shangri La hotels, you can see the branding, their colors and the quality. Here, it feels as one foot is in the market and one out the door. To me, it feels as if the Shangri La could pull their sign and be out within days. No real commitment or stamp on this building. To me, that as big no-no for purchasing here. Maybe proof or nothing, but when the hotel names their lobby Finches after London gangsters ... hmm... what?!

In short, blessed I did NOT purchase here. Would not recommend purchasing to everyone I care about and looking forward to my move out date...
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2 bedroom

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alexander Evans Apr 20, 2017
What first impressed me about this building beyond the small but tasteful lobby was how fast the elevators are. We went from the ground floor to the 65th floor in no time. I like this. The suite I was in was a 2 bedroom unit that was massive, it occupied a 1/4 of the floor with a large balcony facing directly north towards Queens Park and and even larger terrace facing east and the downtown core. The view was one of the best I have seen, plus you can see the lake and the harbour. With a unit like this you really need an interior decorator as there is so much space you would not know what to do with all of it. The kitchen and dining area is larger than most condos. I loved that they have a 5 burner gas stove, massive built in fridge, espresso machine and wine fridge. All really high end and suits the space perfectly. The 2nd bedroom had a large en-suite bathroom with a large shower and full size bath with a nozzle that comes from the wall to fill up the tub. Really nice touch. The closet size was amble but given the overall size of the unit, one would expect a walk-in. The master suite is extremely large with a double vanity en-suite and even nicer shower with a rain head that is very high up to provide that proper feeling of a real rain shower. One item that really stands out is the built in TV in the mirror above the sink. This is very cool and very rare. Real hardwood throughout laid down in a nice pattern distinguishes the flooring from other condos, high ceilings and an overall feeling of just being at the top makes this building very desirable for those that can afford it. The amenities are first rate, you do share them with the hotel, but I don't think they are too busy. There is a full salon, large pool and hot tub and a very decent size gym plus more. Lots of staff in the amenities to take care of things for you is very nice to have. Really nothing to complain about. The only draw back is the price to own here. Is it worth it? I am not sure, depends on what you are looking for. But if you work close by, you can walk to work and there are a tons of high end restaurants at your door step and in your building to choose from. This building should be considered by all buyers who want condo/hotel living.
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