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Condo address: 38 Dan Leckie Way, Toronto, ON, M5V 2V6
(2.7 out of 5 stars)
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Horrible management

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by MGMTSUCKS Mar 07, 2019
I have lived in several downtown condos in Toronto. I have never known a management team to be so incompetent, unfriendly, and unreasonable. Tenants are treated as a nuisance and a hassle. There is an endless amount of unnecessary rules that just make things a hassle. There is constantly problems with the hot water and it seems every month they have a need to enter your unit. Everything like parking or extra suit rentals are all over priced compared to other condos. Also most units have useless washer/dryers and so everyone has to use the laundry room which has only 4 machines at least one of which is always broken. If you have another option, take it.
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Great views

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Laine Feb 11, 2018
This is a very nice building, located very close to the waterfront, so you will have a lake view if you are facing south. I really like security staff - they are very friendly. The crowd that lives here consists predominantly of young people but, I guess, it is similar to the rest of the downtown. We have a beautiful terrace with gorgeous views and multiple BBQs - my friends love coming here.
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the layout...

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by john smitherson Nov 21, 2017
Cons: - Awkward apartment style layout. Very hard to coordinate an entertainment area in the 2 bedroom condo I am renting (due to massive pilar in the centre of the 'living' room.) - Washer / Dryer combo is the worst appliance I have ever used. Not only does it not dry your clothes, it leaves them wrinkled and smelling of burnt odours. Never suggest buying one if you're in the market for a new W/D. Our W/D combo malfunctioned and flooder our apartment (while it was on a dry-cycle and we were home). Ruined the floor and the apartment ceiling below us. - Elevators are never fully operational. Current date: Mar 25. 1 of 3 elevators has been non-functional since early Feb. Quite hilarious in the morning and evening rush when there's only 2 elevators for 32 floors. - Cityplace area has nothing to offer. There is no entertainment, shops, limited bars and restaurants, and no excitement. not a far walk to the king st area, but I feel like the developers forgot to build any life within this 'community'. Pros: - Large 2 bedroom apartment. Enough for 2 of us to live in comfortably. Balcony is massive, and the view is unbelievable from the S/SW side. - Friendly staff. Great to always say hello to. - Good amount of storage space in apartment. - Newly renovated 2-story rec room with bar and TV's - solid for entertaining.
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Many good things

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Oct 24, 2017
Every owner/ residence might feel their condo is not up to its potential, but each and every condo has many good things and some not so very good. This condo is no exception. So I list them as follows: Pros -Lowest maintenance fees in Toronto at 0.48 /sqf -Very strong financial position -location is conveniently located close to dedicated streetcars, harbourfront and down town. Cons Elevators 2 in 1 laundry and dryer
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Plain Lobby

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vivek Mittal Aug 14, 2017
In general this is not a good Condo. I found the lobby to be very plain looking. The entrance to the front lobby is awkward. The unit itself had low quality appliances and fit & finishes; the carpet was not flat on the floor, and door handles were close to falling off. Either the owner took poor care of the unit, or the unit began with weak finishes and the signs are starting to show. There are much better buildings in the area.
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(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by ann Apr 11, 2017
The building is very well maintained and all amenities are always in perfect shape. Young professionals living here and some retirees but hallways are usually quiet despite some young people living in the building. Concierge and maintenance staff is very friendly and efficient. Appliances and finishes are ok. All appliances work with no issues. Finishes might or might not be good quality but at least in my condo they look excellent as I take care of everything. Great place to live, walking distance to downtown, multiple streetcar lines around, and one block from an excellent section of the waterfront (music gardens).
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Mixed opinions on Panorama.

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alan Apr 10, 2017
I lived here for a year and a half while waiting for my condo to be built. I have mixed opinions on Panorama. It's one of the smallest buildings in the Cityplace master development, but still a large building at 400 units. I decided to rent here because it is centrally located, the building was new and modern, and I had the best views which faced east across Canoe Park with stunning city and lake views. Like all Cityplace buildings it had lots of amenities, though I rarely used them.

Also like most Cityplace buildings, this was built fast and cheap and all the units are pretty cookie cutter as they are all were finished the same way. While the units look modern and decent, I had some significant issues living there.

The units featured Blomberg and Ariston appliances which were very compact sized, not well designed, and of questionable quality. You couldn't fit a frozen pizza in the freezer and oddly the egg tray fits only 10 eggs, yes these are very minor beefs, but the worst would have to be the 2-in-1 washer and dryer. Looks like the developer tried to cut costs by eliminating dryer venting to the exterior and put in this 2-in-1 appliance. The appliance is small and couldn't fit a full load and it takes half a day to wash and kind-of dry one small load. The loads come out damp with a weird burnt metallic oil smell to them. I have ruined some of my clothes by using it and had to resort to doing laundry either in the communal laundry room on the 2nd floor (there are two coin-operated full-size washer and dryers there and it is in constant use by the residents) or taking it my laundry to my parents place which made me feel like I am back in university. These 2-in-1 washer and dryers are now a deal breaker for me and I even heard from a real estate agent that this feature would need to be disclosed because they are so bad. There is no chance to install a conventional washer and dryer unit as it requires expensive venting to the exterior which will probably not be approved by the condo board as it requires exterior modification.

My unit was a large 770 sq.ft. 1+den which had the nicest layout in the building. It had a large balcony with amazing views, but because it is close to the Gardiner my furniture gets covered in soot and dirt quickly and you get a lot of highway noise even being on the 28th floor. Also being close to the water you get a lot of bugs not to mention a ton of spiders which proliferate all over the balcony even at this height.

Some of the tower units are awkward due to the oval shape which creates triangular shaped rooms or walls at weird angles which makes arranging furniture very difficult. Some of the units have really bizarrely positioned fridges which separate the kitchen from the living room.

My unit had a bathroom which part of it be closed off and used as a powder room for guests which I think is a nice feature, however as there is only one bathroom in the place I would expect or appreciate a bathtub instead of just a shower stall. Also, the modern looking sinks are made of Corian which are hard to keep clean and sometimes stained.

The building seems to be well managed and the property manager was responsive and very easy to work with, especially when the majority of the residents are renters. Like most new buildings there were some issues with the elevators. There are only 3 elevators in the entire building which doesn't seem to be enough as there is always a ton of traffic in the morning and after work, and living near the top of the building made things worse as you have to wait for others for those on the lower floors first and add the occasional elevator breakdown which makes things even more frustrating. The building gets pretty noisy as there is a large population of young renters, but luckily it seems to be mostly limited to the weekends. The units seem to be reasonably insulated but you could still hear some impact noises from the units above (such as someone dropping something).
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I had enough of it

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jan 27, 2017
Have lived here for two years and on the eve of moving out have sincerely had enough of this hole. 1st - consider the fact that at least once a month the police are at this building. 2nd - confirmed prostitution ring running in/out of this building along with other elements that are not confirmed with my eyes but through other witnesses making this a complete suspect building 3rd - property management here is a waste of time 4th - on two separate occasions, items from our locker room have been stolen and the look on property managements face when reported has been complete disinterest and a shrug of the shoulders. 5th - party room floors (7th & 8th) are a total write off as party room timing/security rules are never followed and have, on numerous occasions, have heard/watched party room attendees run, scream and vomit outside my apartment door well into the late hours of the night. Do your research before moving into a building/area. You never know who you are dealing with.
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