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Condo address: 25 Telegram Mews, Toronto, ON, M5V 3Z1
(2.8 out of 5 stars)
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(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jul 06, 2019
I have lived in this building for 3 years nothing, but constant problems. Firstly, let me start with the elevators they are slower than the road work being completed within the city. My air conditioning has been out for multiple weeks now with no timeline on repair. The pool and hot tub were under repair for half a year. They do not accept anything other then paper cheque’s at the front desk. The computer letting guests into the building was broken for countless months. Overall, for the price of this building, the treatment is unacceptable and I would not recommend it to anyone.
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Directly on Spadina

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by shawn Feb 18, 2018
Very central location - steps to the Front and King Street and also to the Rogers centre. If you are into ping pong, there is a SPIN club just 10 min away. This condominium is nice, mostly young people. Very spacious BBQ area.
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Lived here two years now.

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Oct 17, 2017
I have lived at Montage for almost two years. I'll agree with the other commenter that Steve (concierge) is the best part of living in this building. Always friendly, professional, and amazingly, he manages to remember everyone's name. As others have mentioned, the location is great, close to bars, groceries and shops. The amenities are pretty good as well. The building itself is pretty shoddy. It's a miracle if all three elevators are working at the same time. What designer built an elevator system that is impacted by the wind outside? (seriously). Our unit has several glaring issues; namely, the floor has had to be replaced because the originally basically fell apart, our cupboards are falling off of the wall, we can't really sit near the window when the outside temperature is below zero, for fear of catching hypothermia. Our walls have developed cracks that others have talked about as well. We've been fortunate with our neighbours, but the general demographic of the building is very university dorm-ish. A pile of vomit, a random condom, or an exploded McDonalds bag are not uncommon sights. If you're renting for a couple of years, it's a great spot, cheap, close to things. But I do not want to imagine what will become of this building, and this community in the coming decade (think St. Jamestown). For a good idea of what this neighbourhood is like, just join the Cityplace Toronto Facebook group. Caveat Emptor.
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Best staff member

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chris Jones Jul 24, 2017
I was here for 2-3 years. The comments about Steve in concierge are correct he WAS the best staff member in the building.... until they fired him for cost savings. *Edit* - Visitor parking is an absolute joke. your friends and family will never get a parking spot. I think there are 20, which sounds like a lot but its always full. Oh and if there is a jays game going on next door you may come home after a hard days work and find a random has parked in your spot!!! It is brutal. - Never had issues with management, however the cleaners use to take an elevator while they cleaned each floor (daily), even if it meant only one left for the residents, which was infuriating. - The building is built very very poor. I think the drywall must have been 3mm thick and cracked at the seams, Noise from other units passed through the thin walls, laminate flooring was very prone to flaking and damage. the windows were not thick, I was on the 52 floor and it sounded like was right at the intersection of Spadina and Bremner (horns night and day). - My floor 52 was quite tame, however it seemed like a zoo on lower floors. - The gym was always packed unless you went weekdays while everyone is working. There was also always trainers bringing their clients (who i dont think lived in the building) to train them there. One of them was professional and would not get in the way of others or hog equipment, but there was a female trainer who use to hog multiple pieces of equipment and leave weights all over the place. - The treadmills often broke, which is normal, but it would take them too long to get to fixing it. -Worst thing about this building is the elevators, there were 3 servicing the top floors, one of which was for moving purposes and was almost always reserved or broken, most times there was only one or two elevators working for about 6-8 months the one elevator was broken down and management had no willingness to pay extra to expedite the parts needed. - The pool is very nice, I also liked the outdoor area next to the gym, you can go out there in the summer and lift weights in the sun which is nice. - It was also convenient to be attached to sobeys. If its raining you do not even have to leave the building. - This building has a very nice East view of the skyline if you can get a high floor, however they are building here soon and the view will be gone. Don not buy in this building all the appliances are garbage and the unit will fall apart. Its fine if you want to rent something for a year or two. its a nice location and its not too pricey, but dont expect much.
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The management is stellar

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 04, 2017
love this building ... been living here for over 3 years and it seems like it got a more mature crowd than the other Cityplace buildings. Also, the management is stellar! Every year they have managed to decrease the rates. yes, the finishes are cheap but that reflects in the lower price of the units vs king street units which have better finishes which cost way more.
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Was a tenant

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jan 24, 2017
I was a tenant here in the "LE" upper section for just over a year in 2012. The best thing about this building (which had nothing to do with the building) was the concierge Steve. He is one of the friendliest, down to earth, most helpful people I've ever met! Other positives were the swimming pool (it's actually longer than most condo pools), the Sobeys grocery located in the base of the building, and the surprisingly good noise isolation between units (I could have just been lucky and had quiet neighbours, however). Location wise it's pretty convenient (walking distance up to king street) even though it felt a bit cut off from the city by the train tracks. Biggest issues: the floods from heating coils (there have been three that I'm aware of in the short history of the building which has driven up the maintenance fees), the severe and I mean severe lack of visitor parking, extreme dry air due to the ventilation system constantly pushing dry air into the units from the hallway, too few and not large enough elevators, elevator break downs, and the average to mediocre quality of the workmanship (cracks in walls etc). Also, the immediate area is a real concrete jungle and being right near the gardiner expressway and spadina streetcar bridge means lots of noise. I never used my balcony due to this. If you are at all the kind of person who likes nature and peace, definitely avoid this area!
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