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Condo address: 103-105 The Queensway, Toronto, ON, M6S 5B3
(3.7 out of 5 stars)
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Serious issue

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Mar 13, 2018
First of all, repairs to a new condo for ALL the balcony glass to be replaced, (which means no outdoor pool use, an amenity you are paying for),and elevators that are a constant issue is not just simple "condo living" and neither are the legitimate concerns others have shared already. In the year that we have been here there have been over 40, yes 40! notices to enter our suite for deficiencies and half the work is/was still not completed. There is a serious issue with the air pressure running throughout the building. Whenever anyone that faces the lake opens their balcony doors, (often), the amount of wind whistling/howling through their front door is incredible. If they leave it open all day it sounds like you have a boiling tea kettle right outside your front door for hours on end. The carpets were soaked with dog pee and feces, the builder did nothing to curb this problem by covering the carpets with plastic until we had working management to clean the mess and stink. The 105 building has some of the worst workmanship I've ever witnessed in all my years in the trades. Cracks all over the ceiling, Track lighting in the kitchen just came undone and dangled one evening. Cracks on drywall seams. and corner beads everywhere. Walls completely out of plum and corners not square. Caulking a mess or incomplete. Tiles not leveled and form pie shaped pieces against the corners and ceiling. Walls that bend around electrical conduits, light switches completely crooked. Flooring buckling, "repaired" cabinets that fall apart soon after. Screws missing on door hinges that result in doors leaning and not closing. Baseboards are crooked and not finished properly. Paint job is a mess with dripping globs or paint skin in it or bubbling. Strokes seen everywhere. Marijuana odors abound. Noise pollution bleeds into the unit all too easy. Constant problems with the heat and air conditioning when seasons change. Freezing cold permeating from the glass doors in the winter. For a building that uses the word "luxary" to describe itself, they miss the mark by a long shot. The builder/quality control is absolute garbage and I feel sorry for anyone that actually owns a unit and thinks that this place even comes close to acceptable. I also feel sorry for management, they try to make a shitty situation better but they have a limited amount of tools they can use to repair this sinking ship.
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Condo living next to High Park

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Jeremy Mar 04, 2018
I have been living here for 1.5 years already. Fabulous location - a few minutes walk away from the lakeshore and High Park. Units are similar to other condos I lived in in the past. A good choice of facilities including a swimming pool.
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Lake view

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hashem Haji Sep 13, 2017
I was looking for a Condo in Toronto with a lake view and a little away from noisy Downtown w Core and traffic but not far. NXT is one of the best choice you can find in Toronto. Surrounded by parks and the lake ( High Park and Lakeshore park, Humber river park, Old mills park) with great trails for running. There is a bike path which is extended for 20 km to the north beside Humber river which is amazing in summer and fall. NXT has some specific features: 1- Waterfront view, I prefer the west side view, The best view is for corner units in west side of NXT105 XX03 (Unobstructed , front view of the lake, CN tower and downtown, green nature and almost everyday for whole year you have gorgeous sunsets) I was checking for 6 months until now 2 listings came. One sold in day 1 after listing( unit 3503) I am currently talking to the other listing to buy or rent . 2- Easy access to transit (TTC) 3- Near Highway I love this because I can easily reach Costco and Sherway Garden in 10 - 15 min by car 4- 2 Gyms, 2 pools (indoor and outdoor) , VIP Cinema , a tennis court, and a daycare which is rare in Downtown condos altogether for a condo. 5- Great nature in surrounding.(bike path, trails, parks, Lake, beach, Sunnyside Paddling Club, beach volley, Humber bay Butterfly park, 24h Starbucks ,24h Tim, 24h Sobeys) 6-Most of residents are between 25-45 years old professional high income. I ve lived in NXT 105 for almost 2.5 years. I didn't experienced any special issues or unordinary problem more than general issues of all condos. Even I am looking to buy one more unit for my parents. It is obvious that nowhere is perfect. If you are looking for investment here, there might be a risk (partial blocking view) for 103 east units If Sheraton hotel gets permission to build a 63 floors tower in the vacant lot in the east side. But for now we did our best and it is suspended. The west side entrance of 105 is too windy. But this is the price that we have to pay for an obstructed view. Parking rent in NXT is expensive and I m paying 160$/month for my second car. A good news is there is high probability of a new GO station near NXT. The last word: the management team are great people highly cooperative and fast responsive.
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don't have any real complaints

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Marie genaro Aug 14, 2017
Renting for 7 or so months now in 103 and don't have any real complaints. From what I can tell, the building is maintained well and the residents seem nice.
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Get a grip on reality.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jul 10, 2017
Oh, let me also think the giant cracks that run across the lobby entrance ceilings are actually a new Fendi art piece and not a sign of shit workmanship, which coincidentally was also the whole point of the last post and how it pertains to these buildings. Hey everyone, Trump Tower also had falling balcony glass so that makes everything very normal. Seriously? That's your defense for the work quality? Get a grip on reality.
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Extremely impressed

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lisa Ward May 30, 2017
First summer here and an extremely impressed. Two minute walk to high park, beach across the street and 501 streetcar at entrance. The new wallpaper in halls looks fabulous. I read some of the comments here and really don't get what people are saying. The one that said the water tastes like gasoline was hilarious - like honestly? Anyway, I rent and love it here. Young professional building. 25th floor in 103 here.
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no smell..

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Melissa Levi Feb 06, 2017
Definitely surprised by the negative comment here. I purchased a few months ago in 103 and haven't really experienced any of issues listed here. The building is always really clean, great quiet neighbours, I'm outside on my patio almost everyday (summer now) and don't smell any pot. Anyway, I really like it here...thanks for making my first purchase so simple! I actually used this site before I purchased as well.
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Many issues in NXT condos

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jan 08, 2017
There are many issues in NXT condos. First of all, the ads boast furnishings by Fendi Casa, but the ENTIRE lobby is empty. It feels like they are still in the pre-construction phase. There are signs prompting us to make sure doors are closed properly, as it interferes with the elevators, or there is a risk of the glass breaking in the wind, which to me, is indicative of bad planning, or poor design. The elevators are SLOW. Even at 1 pm on a Monday they are slow. The gym is tiny with spacious change rooms, and there is no water fountain or water cooler in the gym. There are some nice amenities, like the indoor pool and the solarium, but there are too many glitches for me to give NXT any more than 2 stars.
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