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Condo address: 112-116 George St, Toronto, ON, M5A 2M5
(3.8 out of 5 stars)
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Mostly AirBnB now

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Owner Sep 15, 2018
This building used to be one of the best in downtown Toronto. Recently, many of the units have been taken over by Airbnb, which makes it feel like a hotel. The sense of community has been lost and management refuses to do anything about it. Progressively getting worse.
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Amazing terrace views

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Dani Feb 19, 2018
Very nice condominium, located very centrally. If you work in the downtown core, you can simply walk w/o being dependent on TTC. Tons of things to do in the neighbourhood – you are very close to King, Richmond and Jarvis. In the past this area was not the best one, but meanwhile it’s great. If you head out further east, towards Sherbourne, there are still a few shady spots though. The condominium itself is great, it is very well maintained, offers everything you’d’ expect - you’d never think it is already seven+ years old. My favourite feature is a roof top terrace with amazing city views. My friends love coming over. I can totally recommend this place – you will not regret it.
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Vu condos

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by JuliaC Feb 05, 2018
This condo is relatively new. Very high turnaround and lots of people living there. Units are not so big and finishes are cheap. Great amenities, bbq rooftop and location. Amazing views of the lake and skyline.
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Reach the sky

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Vince Tong Nov 21, 2017
This building is an example of what happens when the City Planning department is concerned about height over all else. Aspen Ridge originally planned for a taller, more slender building and the City pushed them down in height, resulting in a bulkier building. What happened at the corner of Adelaide and Jarvis is a tragedy with awkward corners and a pass through with a recessed entrance to the building. Architecture aside, the units I have seen are generally well laid out with some 1 beds & 1 bed+den featuring semi-ensuites which is a great feature. The finishes are nothing special but they are not bad either - granite in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, corian counters in the bathrooms and 10' ceilings in the podium units. The lighting in the corridors are on motion sensors to conserve energy which is a little unnerving the first time you step off the elevator (if no one has been on the floor in a while and the corridor is dark).
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Complete tour

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brandon Donnelly Nov 12, 2017
I visited a friend in this building and got the complete tour.

I know what Vince is referring to when he says bulkier building - this is a sprawling complex with long corridors. It almost feels like a city unto itself.

I enjoyed the internal courtyard. It creates a cozy and intimate space away from (the busy) Jarvis St. The rooftop amenity space is probably the highlight of the building. It has great panoramic views of the city, communal BBQs, and even a bocce ball area (that feature, alone, probably deserves one star).

The finishes in the common areas are fairly standard. The corridors though are a bit drab. The wallpaper and dropped t-bar ceiling (popcorn ceiling in some areas) makes it feel like a basic midtier hotel. I noticed the motion sensors that Vince was talking about, but I think it's a great way to save money/energy.

Overall, 3 stars.
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the building is extremely well run

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Geoff A Nov 02, 2017
I've lived here ever since the building occupied and wanted to share my view on this building also. For a large condo complex, I have to say that the building is extremely well run. And for a building to not have maintenance fees increase for the first 2 years, with bare minimal increases over subsequent years, attests to the focus by the condo board's commitment on running the complex properly (the building actually generates revenue yearly and this money is put back into it to improve it). The building is clean, quiet with an amazing concierge staff. It's also perfectly situated for downtown living. The gym is also really great - I canceled my gym membership in preference to working out in the building since it is fully equipped and cleaned daily. Although Brook points out that the elevator lobbies in the parking areas might be dated looking because of tiling (and I agree), it is just an elevator lobby in a parking garage. And some of the suite finishes could be better, but I bet you could say that about any condo you walk in. And developers tend to skimp out on finishes even in more expensive developments.
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(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jul 02, 2017
Terrific, well-managed mid-tier building with great mix of residents. Tremendous location in rapidly improving neighbourhood. Moved here a year ago (after initially balking at the building during my search due to size among other concerns) and couldn't be happier.
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building of superior quality

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Elly De Winne May 02, 2017
I have been living in the building for 2 years and, as a realtor, I view many buildings on a daily basis. I find this building of superior quality to live in. First of all, it's very quiet and the layout of the units are really nice and convenient. The building is very well maintained. The reception and security is excellent and they are very friendly and accommodating if you need help with something. The building is pet-friendly and I see a lot of dogs in the elevator, good thing that the park is close by across the street. The timing of the elevators, that you have to wait to get an elevator, is excellent which sometimes can be a challenge in many buildings. I don't use much of the amenities except the sauna but they are well used and people enjoy them. You are right Ryan the maintenance fees are lower because of our motion sensors in the corridors.
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a great mid-tier building

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ryan N. Feb 17, 2017
I read another review on this site and wanted to share my experience living at the Vu. I lived on the eighth floor and all the suites up to that floor have 10-foot ceilings, so that was a nice feature. I liked the energy efficient theme, which is why the building had the motion sensors installed, resulting in a rapidly growing reserve fund and lower maintenance costs, while not sacrificing the upkeep of the building. The building has a large footprint and so the parking garage has sizeable ramps, enabling traffic to flow easily in both directions. The lockers are also larger than what developers typically offer in new condo developments these days, probably also as a result of the footprint. The rooftop amenity area stretches between the north and south towers, with a party room on either end. The addition of patio furniture, barbeques, and a lawn bowling area made this an excellent summer hangout. The finishes were decent but not anything special and most of the units I visited were well laid. That being said, when I purchased, I had the opportunity to look at all of the drawings in the development and there are some units with unusual floor plans. The heating and cooling systems worked fine and although the building had some teething issues with water, these were resolved within the first year. While the building doesn't add anything architecturally significant to the city skyline, I think it was a great place to live if you are looking for a diverse resident make-up, in a mid-tier building. Some may not consider this part of the building but the concierge staff there is amazing!
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Building has all you need

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Elly De Winne Feb 13, 2017
I feel this building has everything that you could possibly want in a downtown condo building. Very friendly, welcoming concierge staff, beautiful amenities including two separate gyms, sauna, rooftop terrace for barbecuing etc., and excellent walking score right in the heart of St.Lawrence. You won't be disappointed if you buy/rent in this building, I promise !!!
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A"sprawling complex."

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brook Wilson Jan 03, 2017
Visited a friend in the building this past week. I now know what everyone is talking about when they say "sprawling complex." It does feel like a hotel when you're walking the long hallways. There are also instances - such as in the elevator lobby from the parking garage - where they used an old brown tile that makes the building feel like an apartment building from the 80s. The finishes in the suites are pretty basic and frankly also looked dated. But that may have just been the suite I was in. I think that one of the nicest features about this building is the rooftop terrace. Great views of the city and lots to do up there.
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