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Just no

(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by 123 Jan 15, 2021
1 of the 3 elevators is NEVER in service. Management makes no effort to help residents. One of the front desk girls is very rude. The worst condo I've lived in.
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Worst Building Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Omar Dec 21, 2020
The hallways smell really bad from the garbage chute which is blocked most of the time. Management is always blaming residents for the blocks. Elevators are never working. You have no chance of leaving your condo during rush hours. Worst building in Toronto by far
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Aura Condo

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Julia Dec 01, 2020
I lived in this building for 2 years and would have stayed if my landlord was willing to reduce rent during Covid. Yes, there were issues with the elevator and water but it was not as horrible as all these other reviews are making it out to be. In the two years that I lived here the water was out only a max of 2 times. One was from a pipe bursting but that is something that could have happened in any building. I didn't have any problems with management or other staff in the building. Elevators were slow but what do you expect in a building of 80 floors. The garbage room only smelled because people would leave their garbage bags in the garbage shute room instead of throwing it down the shoot. This is not the fault of the staff but the residents in the building. The shute would be closed because it would be clogged but it would be up and running again very quickly. Overall I really liked the building. Having the subway and grocery store right in the basement of the building was super convenient and awesome during the winter since you didn't have to get all dressed up in a coat and boots to grab your groceries. The only issue that would keep me from moving back into the building was the moving situation. You have to go through the loading docks and take all your furniture through a long hallway leading to one set of elevators to bring you into the building's lower level than through another stretch till you get to the actual building elevators. It is quite a hassle, but I really enjoyed my two years in this building.
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So many problems

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by YE Oct 28, 2020
I've lived in the downtown core for over 20 years and Aura is by far the worst building I've lived in. The garbage shute is constantly blocked and some of the smells that permeate the halls from the garbage room are disgusting. Building management is always blaming residents for the problems but I've always lived in buildings, mostly occupied by renters too, and have never had such problems. Recently the gym was closed for good. Can you imagine? What is supposedly a premier building in Toronto and there is absolutely no gym (yes, even after Covid. No gym will be available). Elevators... oh boy. Constantly out of service for weeks on end. It's a real shame about this building.
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Do not risk moving into Aura

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unhappy at Aura Sep 30, 2020
I have lived in Aura since it opened and it has been a complete nightmare that has only gotten worse due to COVID19. The management is completely unaccountable and provides zero transparency on maintenance issues. The elevators are always ALWAYS shut down, causing extreme delays, sometimes 30 minutes to enter or exit your unit/building. Since moving here, I would estimate at least once every 2 weeks elevators are out of service. Water mains are constantly breaking, causing extreme issues, look it up in the news. Do not buy here, the building is going to depreciate based on the complete and utter chaos. Look it up in the many news articles surrounding the building.
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Extremely disappointing stay

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Y. E. Sep 20, 2020
This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a review for anything. I have been a tenant in Aura for a year and I couldn't be happier to leave this building. 1.The hallways always smelt terrible due to the garbage chute, to the point that I would feel nauseous after leaving my apartment in the mornings. 2.Constant false fire alarms would wake you up at 3 am. 3.The most UNPROFESSIONAL and careless building management team. It has been an absolute nightmare to move-out from my apartment. They are literally making an effort to not help you and cause problems. 4. 1 out of 3 elevators is NEVER in service. During rush hours, you have to leave in advance or wait in a queue of 10-15 people to get into the elevator. Once because there was a 'false fire alarm', elevators were not in service and I had to WALK down 34 stairs in order to not be late. Also, for 4 months straight only 1 elevator was working. 5. It is very hard to open the literal doors of the building most of the time during cold weather due to the extreme stack effect caused by the high-rise building. If you are interested in living here, don't be fooled by the 'convenient location'.
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Worst building in Toronto

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Everyone at Aura Mar 12, 2020
Elevators have been broken since day 1, flawed design. No way to avoid the inconvenience. Unacceptable management. Terrible building.
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Lots of issues with Aura

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by Howard Feb 28, 2020
I've been a renter in Aura for a year now and won't be staying another year. I thought I was "moving on up" coming to Aura, I was mistaken. There's a ton of problems with this building. First, the elevators are atrocious. They're always down and take months to repair because building management can't source the parts or elevator repair people run into "unforeseen problems", as building management tells us. So we're always down to two elevators and a lot of times a single elevator as two or down or one is being used to move in/out. Always huge lines and super wait times for elevators. We had all water pumps fail, so no water at all in the building. People had to shower at the Aura Fitness gym in the morning, just brutal. It was yet another case of management not being able to get a water pump because they were specially designed for this building. My previous building was mostly renters like me, as is this one. But these renters are the most discourteous people I've ever met. They just don't care. You see garbage in elevators and hallways. They are constantly throwing large items down the garbage shoot blocking it so no one else can use it until building management spends days fixing it. Cigarette butts throughout the stairwell and tossing from balconies so they land on other people's balconies. Mine is constantly littered with them. Letting their dogs do their business right outside the building doors so it stinks and you need to step over it to get out. The concierge staff is very nice but there's nothing they can do about all the things failing in the building and people not following the rules. They try but are buried in problems.
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Very poor quality building

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by resident Dec 09, 2019
Very low quality throughout including a lot of the essential services. Like elevators always being down for extended periods of time (months!). Garbage chute jammed and needing emergency service plus foul garbage odours coming up through the hallways. Inside the quality is just as bad if not worse. Sinks clog easily, floors you can scratch with your fingernail and cheap appliances.
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Could be great, but...

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by livedthere Nov 04, 2019
The hallway lights burn out constantly and take forever to be replaced. Concierge is staffed by a bunch of kids. Elevators constantly out of service, the party room is very nice but light bulbs are never fully operational, the only way to connect to the audio system is via an obsolete iPhone 4 connector. Once the building fumigated a bicycle room and resulted in hundreds of deal cockroaches on the ground, I complained but they were still not cleaned up for 2 weeks. The AC in my unit broke down multiple times. I moved out of the building, and now I notice the exterior lights are burning out and not being fixed. Every time I look at the skyline and see the half working lights that top the building, I am reminded of what a crap hole it was and is. To me, the Aura tower is a monument to incompetence.
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Fake luxury

(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by Afi Sep 02, 2019
Living in Aura penthouse for about 4 years now and to sum it up: this "luxurious condo" is anything but. The cons: Dirty halls/elevators/entrance (lots of young students in the building who don't respect the space). Broken elevators that take months to fix only to break down again in a few days. Disappointing gym (Crunch has no towel service, limited class selection and is packed due to the low membership fees for the public. The beautiful Hard Candy days are gone). Average amenities (not worth the premium condo fees). Conciergerie personnel are stretched too thin therefore service quality is poor (only two people servicing one of the tallest, busiest condos in Toronto) The pros: location, view, unique unit layout, connected to subway underground. Weighing the pros and cons, I'd rather purchase my next home elsewhere.
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Terrible place to live

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ggomes Jun 11, 2019
I know, you see the building lit-up against the night skyline and probably think "Wow! Must be amazing to live there!" Nothing could be farther from the truth :( Elevators are probably the worst in Toronto, some being down over 6 months now and the others always going down. It is incredibly frustrating to wait with a huge crowd of people all pushing and shoving to squeeze in the elevator, every hour of every day. There's a constant rotation of renters so we go through the same problems every month. Cigarette butts are thrown from balconies that land on your balcony, garbage chute clogged with people throwing mattresses and furniture down the chute, elevators always taken-up with movers (also because 1/2 of them are always broken). Interior of units is so cheaply done. All to look good but wear and tear shows instantly. Cheap flooring, thin coats on paint on walls, cheap appliances. Don't be fooled by outside appearances. Save yourself a huge headache and stay away from Aura
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Fantastic condo Downtown

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jane May 23, 2019
Five star building, 79floors high and connected to College Park subway in 24 hours shopping... Downtown
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Stay far away!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Liam H May 06, 2019
We moved into Aura almost 2 years ago on a 2-year lease as we live outside the city and wanted a place to stay when downtown. We have a penthouse unit on one of the top floors. I have never seen such a mismanaged building in all my life. In the 2 years, we have been here, there have been no less than 4 different property management companies come and go. The security in this building is completely non-existent as well. There's a buzzer, but no one will ever use it. The elevators are locked by floor but not connected to the buzzer, so even if you buzz someone in, they have to go to the concierge and tell them what floor they are going to, for them to unlock the elevator for them. The problem is that no one ever buzzes, and I mean never buzzes. In 2 years, I've buzzed in people maybe 5 times, with every single other time people just walking in. If you order food, they never buzz, security just let them right up and they are at your door. A literal serial killer could walk into this place and say they are going to the 79th floor and security just lets them right up! In addition, when you do go down to the security desk, all they do is complain about how much they hate their job. When it comes to the people that live in the building, 95% are students from China as well. When you go into the lobby, there will be like 10 of them just eating studying like it's a residence. You literally feel like you live in China, rudeness and all. The garbage chutes are constantly closed because some Chinese person shoves an entire bed or table down them and blocks them. One day I had someone park in my space in the garage. I go to security, they give me the number for Toronto Parking Authority and said the parking garage is not their responsibility! I asked where I'm supposed to park while I call, and they said to pay on the street, that if I park in someone else's space they would have me towed! The current property management company is a complete joke. They will send an email out at the last minute saying they are pressure washing the garage and you need to move your car all day, or that they are inspecting the units the very next day and so on. Then it never fails, they never do it on time and do it on another day. If you call or email, they never respond to you. I've sent so many emails only to be ignored. Don't be fooled by the outside and think this is a ritzy nice building. I'm so glad we only did a lease and didn't buy and are finally getting out of here in a month. Stay far away from this place, it is hands down one of the worst condos in the entire city.
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Please do not rent here!

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by lawrencer Apr 18, 2019
Do not rent, please! Don't make the same mistake I did, let me list why I could not bear to live here any longer: The LOW RISE is the worst, we had an issue so horribly that ALL THREE ELEVATORS WERE DOWN. Yes not 1, not 2 but ALL THREE ELEVATORS. Meaning during the morning commute all residents from floors 1-31 had to walk down. People with disabilities were unable to leave their homes. Usually, we only have 1 elevator working in the low rise causing at least 20-30minute wait times. (Can you imagine 1 elevator for 31 floors with a few hundred units?) CONSTANT FIRE ALARMS. Police had to come and put a stop to the buildings nuisance, can you imagine in one night the alarm goes off 3 times? Yes this happened, management apologized and we were told the police were involved and they were offering a reward to catch the "serial fire alarm pranksters" Because aura includes 4 commercial floors when their alarm goes off so does the whole building. HEATING ISSUES. I literally had my neighbour ask me if I had hot water that's how bad it is. It's better now I will admit but it is never for sure if you will have hot water and don't, let me get started on how poor the water pressure is for this building. Finally, MOVING IN AND MOVING OUT on the low rise where I live you require to use 3 elevators. Because the low rise only has 1 or 2 functioning elevators and one of them being the moving elevator we must first take the lowrise elevator down to the fourth floor after which we transfer all our items to the midrise or the high rise elevators to move to the P2, where loading docks elevator is, and finally we take the final elevator down to the docks itself. Finally, the elevators, the high rise 59-79 seems to be fine mostly and I haven't seen any problems. The mid-rise has had 1 elevator not working for about 6months now and management keeps saying and I quote "Management has contacted OTIS and they will be on site to repair it next week". I really beg you dont live here, you will not sleep well, you will be frustrated, you will regret it.
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The best of downtown Toronto

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Lara Mar 12, 2019
An amazing location with amazing service and floor plans. I could not be happier with the condo I am in. Even though it is a tall building, the building is laid out and managed very effectively to make you feel like you have your personalized service and facility. The views are amazing and the amenities are plenty.
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(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointed#2 Mar 11, 2019
Have lived in Aura for over a year now. In the last few months it seems they must have cut their cleaning budget as inside and around the immediate outside areas of the building are very, very dirty. Previous cleaners were very attentive and kept the building looking very tidy, inside and out. Some dog owner tenants in the building seem to think it is OK to leave their dogs business all over the ground out both entrances of the building. Dog poop is everywhere, it is disgusting! They smoke right outside the doors - even though there are many signs stating "no smoking". Whilst this is not the managements fault directly - they are doing nothing to police this. Tenants smoke in the stairwells and set off the alarms constantly. Have never experienced a more unfriendly concierge staff. Maybe looking up at people when they approach the desk would be a good start! Disappointing as we love the apartment and the area.
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Poorly Maintained Building.

(1.7 out of 5 stars)
by skynight1994 Mar 06, 2019
The elevators from 1-31 have two that are out of order causing around 20-30minute wait times to use the elevator to get downstairs. Alarms are CONSTANT enough that police had to be involved because at one point i rang 3 times during the night (am). Hot water issues have improved but its quite random when it goes out. I have lived here for 2 years and i just cant live here anymore, its just not worth it. This building even though is 5 years old is not properly maintained, and its just terrible. dont live here.
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Run by Monkeys

(1.3 out of 5 stars)
by Aura is a SCAM Mar 02, 2019
If you want to live at AURA, be prepared to either waste hours of precious time waiting for the elevators or walk down numerous flights of stairs. At any given time, at least one of the elevators will be broken. It's like Schrodinger's cat but with elevators! Before walking into one it will exist in a quantum superposition between being broken and actually working. It baffles me the lack of foresight during construction of this building that led to these disgustingly low quality elevator systems. Furthermore, concierge and management staff in this building are one of the worst I've ever experienced. Not friendly at all like those at literally any other building complex in the city. Management is so disorganized they might as well be run by elementary school kids. The condo gets an absurd amount of money from monthly "management" fees but where are they going??? Certainly not towards an actually functional elevator system. Money's probably all being laundered to investors :)
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All show no go

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ligma Jan 21, 2019
The title pretty much sums up this condo building as everything that appears on the surface is done very well, the design of the complex, the location, however when you move inside you wil see the lack of build quality, always broken elevators, shoddy building materials, combined with bad ventilation systems which, 1 when it gets windy outside makes it breezy inside the apartment, and 2 sometimes makes the condo smell like garbage, yes literal garbage from the garbage chute. Overall great location, great promise but crap in reality. Stay away.
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(2.3 out of 5 stars)
by J.mills Oct 10, 2018
This is the absolute worst building I have ever lived in. I’ve been here 3 years and out of those 3 years there has never been a time when things in the building or my unit work properly. We have no cold water at all, we have to shower in the gym showers because our showers only turn on to scolding hot, our AC unit is broken for 6 months and they have refused all requests to fix it . The fire alarm goes off all day and night constantly with no explanation. The elevators are constantly broken leaving 1 elevator to a 70 story building which results in 45 minute wait times for an elevator to arrive to your floor. There is a bad smell that comes out of the vents as well as the garbage shute being broken for the last year forcing us to physically bring garbage down to p2 which the elevators don’t actually go to, you have to go to P1 and walk to a different elevator to get down to P2 . The garage door has also been broken for quite some time. The list goes on and on. Oh and the tap water is also undrinkable because it only comes out scolding hot, absolutely no cold, not even luke warm. This also renders the insuite laundry useless unless you feel like shrinking all of your clothes and having the colours bleed together . We have put in countless maintenance requests on a weekly basis and we either get no response at all or get told it’s not their problem. I have never been treated so badly in a building before and have never lived in such a horribly managed place in my life. DO NOT move here . Needless to say, we are moving out in March .
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Pros: Really tall, great view

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by donotlivehere Apr 07, 2018
Cons: literally everything else. Strict rules for common areas, need to leave building to access gym, elevators broken all the time.
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Beautiful views

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Jordan G. Feb 11, 2018
One of the tallest buildings in Toronto. If you live here, you will enjoy beautiful views but beware of fire alarms that occasionally go on. The location itself is great - you are directly in the downtown, just steps away from bars and restaurants. Eaton Center is about 10 minutes away.
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The biggest plus is location

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chie Tori Oct 03, 2017
Aura has its pluses and minuses. The biggest plus is location -- several stores are in the building and in College Park, easy access to subway, very nice gym (Hard Candy), a number of nice restaurants nearby. The building is almost new, which is also a big plus at the moment.

There are a few negatives as well:

1. Deliveries are quite complicated. You need to reserve an elevator (actually, the process involves moving between two elevators), which is not easy. Most people reserve standard 2-hour slot even for small deliveries that take 10-15 minutes, so you have to reserve well in advance. Several times I had to pay extra to a delivery company to deliver at the exact time instead of a flexible 2-3 hour slot. Also, loading docks are shared with College Park stores, so not reserving an elevator can be risky.

2. High-speed elevators are quite unstable, and vibrations can be unpleasant. One time the sensors even forced the elevator to stop in between floors.

3. The air draft in the elevator shafts is unlike I've seen at any high rise buildings before. On some days the draft on the first floor can be quite extreme and noisy.

4. The ventilation system is very strange in this building. First of all, I can perfectly hear street traffic through my bathroom vent (I live on a high floor). Also, half of the time the air flow through the vents inside the walls is so strong that you feel like you are on an airplane. I used to think this noise comes from the vents on the roofs of nearby buildings, but the noise is coming from inside the walls.

5. Constant false fire alarms. I know this is common in high rise buildings, but the frequency in Aura is unusually annoying. People are now trained to completely ignore these alarms...
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Lower end finifhes

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alexander Evans Jul 11, 2017
First off I want to say I was more than surprised to be able to go into this building and even more surprised to find out that people are living in this building. The reason is that they still have the construction elevators on the exterior of the building and a crane on top. I didnt think it was possible to occupy a building that was still under construction. Talk about living in a construction zone. To say the building needs a little work is a major understatement. The hallways are not complete, the main entrance is not complete and none of the amenities are ready so living here would be far from enjoyable at this point in time. I will start with what I didn't like, the hallway ceilings seem low and you get the feeling of being cramped in, this was not expected from such a large building. When you enter a suite (I was in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath) the ceilings seem low and they are. The amount of bulk heads bring the ceiling height down and where it is at normal height it is below 8 feet. I am a tall guy and am able to touch an 8 foot ceiling but this ceiling was really easy to touch. For what should have felt like a large unit just came across as being small and lost a lot of the high end feeling you should be experiencing when in a building of this calibre. The bedrooms were small and I mean small the second bedroom was so small I dont think you could fit a queen size bed and a side table in it. The master was barely larger and again with the low ceilings it made you want to just get out of the unit. The kitchen was tastefully done, but they used one of those narrow fridges which I am just not a fan of. On the plus side the windows that open are very large and the depth and width of the balcony was amazing. Enough space for a couple of large chairs and a table and chairs for eating. One other item that I thought was smart was that on the floor I was on it had the lockers for that floors suites and an elevator for moving that was separate from the regular elevators and led to a separate area close to the lockers. This I thought was very smart and well planned out and an efficient use of the buildings interior. I know that the lower floors are supposed to have lower ceilings and lower end finishes so hopefully on the higher floors there is a major difference in the overall feel because as it is right now I would not recommend anyone to move into the lower floors. Once complete this will be a great building, with all the shops in your building and direct underground access to the subway which in my mind is a huge plus. The location speaks for itself, you literally have everything you could possible need within walking distance. I am looking forward to viewing units in the higher floors and hopefully then I can recommend to clients and friends to move here but until that happens I recommend you stay away.
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Building that gives headaches

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Derek Ho Feb 20, 2017
The Good: - Excellent location on Yonge/Gerrard - Superb soundproofed walls The Bad: - Some front desk workers are extremely rude - Only 3 elevators per section of condo, very common to only have 1 working, almost never have 3 working elevators - Hot water completely fails during peak usage, and even off-time usage, this is unacceptable - Questionable move-in/move-out rules, not allowed bringing a mattress through the lobby, have to give a $300 deposit to book an elevator - A/C compressor not always functioning I am glad that i'm moving out soon. This building can give me headaches; from the 10-20 minute waits for an elevator, the rude front desk staff, and to simple utilities not working. Aura can simply be described as high-quality on the exterior, low-quality from the interior.
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