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Condo address: 169 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 0C8
(3.3 out of 5 stars)
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Bought in and Loving it

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by G+ Nov 18, 2018
Love living here.....most of the negative reviews here are from whiny milksop snowflakes that have never had an original thought of their own. The management is great. The security is great. The location is awesome. The Garrison is not your personal hotel (talking to you renters) nor is it your personal trainers gym (I am coming for you trainers....your days are numbered). No Airbnb rentals is a total +! Vibrant area. So happy I bought here.
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Comes with some pros and cons

(3.6 out of 5 stars)
by Mike Feb 18, 2018
Relatively new condo, located close to the downtown. Speaking from the personal experience, a condo here comes with some pros and cons. PROS: a new condominium, located close to the lively area – steps away from King street with tons of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Also, very close to waterfront, you simply need to walk down for 5 minutes and you are on the lakeshore. Downtown airport is very close, walking distance – if you need it. That’s quite convenient for business trips if you must travel for work or for long weekend trips to New York or Chicago. A decent party space – spacious party rooms. Cons: the condo is located directly at the intersection of a few roads with heavy traffic, so if it disturbs you, reconsider. Some units facing a highway or other condominium buildings - you definitively want to make sure that your unit offers good views – e.g. northern side with a view on Fort York historical buildings. The units are not excessively spacious and have similar condo finishes as you’d expect from other modern condos.
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Amazing condo

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Chris Jones Nov 08, 2017
I moved in 2016 04 01 and it has been amazing since then.

This is a great building, like any downtown condo there are a few bad apple tenants that can be annoying but that's what you get downtown. It is a way better overall group of people than when I lived in CityPlace. - The building is very well insulated for sound, I never hear my neighbours through the walls. I can hear the noise of parties spill out into the hall, but it does not penetrate into my unit., unlike my past downtown condo that had paper thin walls. - Inside my unit, I have had zero problems with my appliances, plumbing, flooring etc. - The gym which I go to regularly is great. Its clean and the equipment is in good shape. It has a squat rack, which is rare in condos. I run almost daily and never have had to wait for an open treadmill. When a treadmill breaks they have been quick to fix it. - I have never seen any personal trainers using our gym to conduct their business. This happened all the time at my old building so I understand, but I think it must have been addressed since I moved in. - The security/concierge are great people have been very nice.

CONS - There are a few people, likely transient renters, that treat the place like a frat house, but they are the minority. - My biggest issue with the building that is beyond anyone's control is how dusty it gets on the balcony. I have a beautiful north view of the fort and nice outdoor furniture, it's annoying that when I want to go enjoy it I have to wipe everything off. However, this is just due to the fact they are building several places nearby and the wind stirs up all the dirt. If you are reading this in the future I doubt it will be a problem when construction ends. - would be nice to have a TV or two in the gym

Just a couple points on here that I took an issue to: "YOU MAY NOT BRING YOUR BIKE THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR EVEN THOUGH YOU PAY A MONTH FEE TO LIVE HERE" - you renting a unit does not mean you own the property. I ride a bike myself and agree that residents should use the garage to bring in their bikes. I don't want to see water and mud tracked throughout our lobby like some barn. Also, there are two full glass doors you have to go through and smashing a bike into those can cause a lot of damage and costs to the owners. "them towing my brand new car. I know it was because they're discriminatory racists and don't like my black boyfriend" - No this probably had more to do with the fact you live in the building and your vehicle should not be taking up visitor spots. When my girlfriend comes over she parks in MY spot if I had a car as well I would rent a second spot for this purpose. I would not have her park in visitors all the time because I am a reasonable person and I understand these spots are for occasional use for friends and family and not for tenants boyfriends/girlfriends everyday visits. I do not want my mother to come to visit and not have a spot to park because some self-entitled tenant is hogging all the spots.
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only positive things

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Oct 21, 2017
I would like to share my personal experience living at the Garrison for the past two years. I feel that the Garrison deserves 5 stars because it has gone through growing pains in the early stages and is stronger than ever now.

The new management is extremely competent and helpful. Anytime I have a question, I am greeted with a friendly smile and I feel like they care about assisting me. The foyer was upgraded with pictures of Fort York and the walls were painted to give it a modern clean vibe. The concierges are always available to answer questions. The fob system has recently been introduced as well as extra video cameras in the elevators. This adds extra security which is always an added bonus.

The building is located in the perfect location. It is walking distance to the public library, grocery store, King West, Starbucks and a small strip of stores along Fort York.

When I had my year-end review, any minor repairs were done promptly and to a high degree of satisfaction.

For what it is worth...I have only positive things to say about my experience.
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Very lacking

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Aug 23, 2017
The comments in the first review are accurate, in my opinion. However, I do not agree that all of them are necessarily a big deal. For example, I have no problem with airbnb as long as the owners are held responsible for any damages caused by their short term tenants and I don't think it's a particular hardship to bring your own lock to the locker room or to change in your apartment. At the same time, I understand why this may be important.

In the 2 years I lived there, there was constant changes in property managers and boards. They did not seem to communicate, and there was a conflict of interest when the president of the board was also the property manager (this is no longer the case, from what I understand). This particular PM was very ineffective, but to be fair, none of the PMs while I lived there seemed to do anything positive for the building.

Security was very lacking. When I moved in in mid-2013, security was there everyday. Last summer there was no one to be found during some of the most popular events in the area after the "regular" hours (which were pathetic). But hey, they saved the owners 5 bucks in common fees per month! Everything is awesome!

The issues with the gym were also very apparent when I lived there. Trainers would come in and set up circuits for their clients, using much of the equipment. Then the board banned taking equipment from the gym to the yoga room, like mats or a ball! Outside trainers were free to do what they want, but I can't borrow a medicine ball for my workout next door in the yoga room?? WHAT???

For renters, I would not recommend this building. I felt like a second class citizen living there. The funny thing is I was actually considering buying, but living here convinced me that I will NEVER buy a condo in Toronto. From the day I moved in there were issues from the annoying (having to fill out the same forms 2-3 times each because. They just couldn't seem to find the ones I already filled out) to more serious (FOBs not working when needed, accessible doors breaking and not fixed for months - within months of tenants moving in). Location is good, but not super close to amenities. The best thing about this area is the condos are bigger than liberty village.
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Since 2012

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Aug 07, 2017
I have lived in the Garrison since September 2012 (over 6 years, I moved in 5 months after the building opened) and it has been CONSTANT problems since I got here.

First of all, the building has gone through approximately SIX DIFFERENT PROPERTY managers over the course of 4 years.. stopped counting now.. They keep having to fire and then rehire because the property managers choose to spend the corporations money on things like putting emblems in the carpet and elevators.


The most recent atrocity was them towing my brand new car. I know it was because they're discriminatory racists and don't like my black boyfriend. I asked to register the car and the reply was "a resident can't park in visitors parking, you can't stay here" .... but when I asked for a parking spot they said "we don't rent out parking spots" LOL. So we had to park 10 minutes away. The joys of the Garrison!!

Your fob will only work for TWO doors and they lock the side hallway doors to go down to the lobby at 11 pm. Is this not a huge safety hazard? What if someone was in need of that door to escape fire or danger? WHY DO ONE OF THE MAIN DOORS GET LOCKED!

This past summer, the fans were broken for DAYS that filtered the air in the hallways. This means we were all breathing each other's contaminated air. They told owners they can't smoke in their units even though they are OWNERS. I am not a smoker but hello HUMAN RIGHTS issue. The building is directly beside the Gardiner so not having filtered air wasn't too pleasant.

Getting packages delivered is another thing. Forget ordering from online to your door at the Garrison. I've had about 6 packages turned away and refused (while I'm home upstairs) because the concierge won't let the UPS guy come up and knock. Interesting.

People move into a place with the idea of calling it "home". The Garrison will never make you feel like that. LOOK ELSEWHERE

This building is seriously messed up. Spend your arm and leg on more than 500 sq. Ft for $1700. WORST TORONTO CONDOMINIUM DEVELOPMENT EVER
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the developer was helpful

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jul 17, 2017
I would like to say that I have been living in this building for a year now and have seen the problems faced in the teething stage. Now things are all mostly ok, and I must say that the developer was extremely helpful in getting my heater fixed in winter. They even provided me with floor heaters until the problem was resolved.
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3 year renter

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jun 12, 2017
I have lived at 169 fort york blvd for 3 yrs now as a renter. This building is the WORST!! Its a bunch of young inconsiderate kids who are the majority here. The hallways alwalys stink of weed, they leave beer bottles and piss in the stairwells, yelling in hallways as they come to and from the bar, you would be lucky to get a simple "thanks" for holding doors for residents here. As for the building itself.... where do I start..

The units in here are made like shit!! Before you rent/buy take a very close look! The flooring is cheap laminate that scratches when you drop a toonie on it, the hvac system here is always broken or under maintence, the entire south side of the building is covered in dust from the gardiner expressway (Including everything on balconie) , I've had 3 of 4 of my appliances break because they are the cheapest general electric garbage the builder could find.

They change management, security, cleaning cleaning companies here it seems every 6 months. The management here now though....Manuela and crew are the absolute worst!! When the handle for my front door came completely off in my wifes hand while closing the door it took 4 days for somebody to put a handle back on. This management tries to make new rules every other week and some of them conflict with our rights as Canadian citizens such as no smoking in your units, no bikes allowed inside the elevators.

They sent out a notice saying that Manuela will refuse mail packages from ups, fedex, canada post if she deems them to be to big to leave at the front desk?? No approximate size or weight giving ..just if she deems it too big!! I just gave my 60 day notice to leave this place and feel compelled to warn others about this dump.
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Outside clients in the gym

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Apr 10, 2017
I lived in this building for just over a year. I also agree that the comments in the first reviews are pretty accurate. I saw many trainers in the gym with their equipment and they did bring in outside clients. As a female, the lack of security during the week was a major concern for me and ultimately forced me to move. I also remember the games room and bbq area were closed off to residents for a long period of time.
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The situation has improved

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 20, 2017
*** Update *** Since the latest property manager came on board the building has improved greatly. After two + years I only have good things to say about this building now! I hope things continue to stay this way :) Please feel free to place the experiences you have had with this condo.

*** Initial review *** I would like to talk about my experience living at 169 Fort York Blvd. The building is called the Garrison and I currently live here. I originally posted with my real name however too many owners were contacting me suggesting I move out if i don't like living here, plus a board member threatened legal action if I didn't take this post down. I believe potential buyers/renters of this building should know how the condo has been run since February 2013 (when i first moved in). - In those two years, the building has gone through 4 Property Managers - Hired 3 or more cleaning companies - The building is continuously filled with short-term renters from AirBnB and other websites. - These short termers constantly make a mess of the building and provide unsafe living conditions for full-term renters or owners. - The lockers in the men's changeroom have been broken for over 1.5 years. I have let every single board, Property manager, and Onni know about these lockers and nothing has been done. (many, many, many, emails regarding this). - I was recently told by a board member that I should keep my change of clothes in my unit. I have every right to lock my stuff up while using the gym or going for a run before using the shower/sauna. - The gym/change room area is constantly being used by Onni (the builder) employees. They track mud throughout the change room. - The gym is constantly being used by personal trainers/physiotherapists to run their businesses out of. This allows outsiders to wander freely in the condo. - The Cable (tv) in the Gym / Games room is never working. - The condo has focused on beautifying the lobby area and has focused little on the issues regarding building security or maintaining the amenities. - until recently security/concierge was non-existent with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights. In addition to the obvious lack of security this presents, this prevented access to some of the amenities (Games room and business center) as we could not sign them out. - Someone was partying on the 10th floor patio this past summer and the board cut off patio/bbq area access for well over a month for all owners/residents. We are not living in a hostel and therefore amenities and security should be kept up to par with all other downtown condos. Other owners / full-time renters that I have spoken to agree with the issues I have presented above. Every single board that is appointed assures me that things will change. The new PM and 1 of the current board members seem to be trying their best to change things around! I hope they take action and make the building a better place to live in. I have lived in 18 Yonge St. and 373 Front St. W. in the past prior to living in this building and have not had any negative experiences living in them.
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Many pleasant experiences

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Sep 01, 2016
During the past two years I've lived at the Garrison, I have had many pleasant experiences with the property management and concierges. Any email I ever wrote to management was promptly followed up. The building is well maintained. I constantly see the cleaning staff making sure the building is in order. Regarding the security, there are concierges on duty every day and a fob system for the elevators which makes me feel safe. I would definitely recommend this building to renters or new buyers because of the perfect location and walking distance to King West, Porter Airport, Nail Salon, Dry Cleaners and Grocery store. The building is well maintained and has a lot of amenities and a board that appreciates the input of the people living at Garrison.
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