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Condo address: 800-830 Lawrence Ave West, Toronto, ON, M6A 0A2
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Security needs improvement

(2.6 out of 5 stars)
by Ramsay1390 Apr 23, 2019
We currently reside in Treviso 2 condo and recently had a robbery from our car in the visitor parking lot. We had a word with the head of security and what I understood is that as per the agreement between the security and the Property management (Duka) there are no security patrols during the day time in the parking premises. The patrols are carried out only during the night times. This was not acceptable as the theft occured in broad daylight - 1.45 pm. If they are falling short on staff I guess they can keep more security members working on day time or night time shifts based on the workload. Since there are more than 500 units which the head of security was concerned about managing I do not understand as to why this issue was not addressed earlier. His responses were blunt and he did not acknowledge the fact that it was their negligence which led to the incident in the first place. When I asked them about monitoring the security cameras , the response was : We cannot watch all the security cameras throughout the day as we have only 2 personnel on duty at a time. We cannot keep watch on who comes in and walks out during the day time hours. Well when I checked the security footage after the crime had occurred the woman was seeing loitering and scouting on different cars for almost more than one hour. If they had been a bit more diligent in their work this would have never happened. I hope after this incident the security ramps up their protocols to provide better service to the 1000+ people living in the condominium.
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doors are not sealed for cold

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by yoyoyo Mar 06, 2019
balcony side doors/window panels allow a lot of fresh air to come into your unit, summer is fine but be ready to feel the cold in the winter. stay 5 minutes in front of it and you will feel the polar vortex in your home.. can be great if you have a penguin pet... Unit doors are not sealed at all, so whatever your neighbors cook you will smell and want it.., i am talking about a lot of spice and curry smell, but good part is that you can hear some good screams, yes it is fun sometimes, and yes be ready to call your partner :) management is busy with sending some empty emails, and yes concierge is sleepy mostly, fire alarms are awful, heard 20+ times, all false... and yes you feel the guy is in your room when he make the announcement... surrounding traffic is in high volume, dont open the doors or windows.. overall, i think, bad quality of design and material.. cheapest. but looks fancy. well chose wisely, me, already planning to move out.
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A nice condo to live in

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by dvtayl Feb 17, 2018
Location of Condo building is very good. TTC stop is just in front of the building. close to shopping and a 24hour shoppers drug mart. There is a very nice CAFE on the ground floor. The party room , gym and the indoor swimming pool are excellent.
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Heavy traffic, strict staff

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Mar 11, 2017
800 Lawrence ave The prices for both buying and renting in this condo are extremely pleasing and the location has a lot to offer.... So I moved in! Big mistake 1) The traffic surrounding this location is horrendous, yes it is very close to the highway but let me tell you the wait to get onto the ramp is extremely frustrating 2) The parking garage is very narrow And awkward, I'm always nervous I'm going to scrape the side of my car on the walls 3) The fire alarms constantly go off! Always interrupting sleep! And they are extremely loud! 4) There are personal announcement speakers installed in these fire alarms so the concierge can make an announcement in your unit anytime he likes! 5) They are very strict on visitors and monitor the use of your fobs, if they see you lending your fob to your guests they will cut it off with NO warning 6) It is very hard to get an extra parking space if you have more then one car 7) the garbage shoots are always "in use" so you have to come back and try again to throw out your stinky garbage I have lived in many condos before this one and I have never had these problems anywhere except for here I defiantly will not be staying here or referring anybody else to live here.
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Structural cracks everywherer.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 14, 2017
Just awful. Fire alarms constantly go off, and quite often several times during the day and even night. All of them false alarms. Concierge staff has no experience or proper training and appear somewhat unprofessional and half asleep most of the time. The building is not even a year old and structural cracks can be seen on hallways and elevators are already vandalized. Elevators only work about 60% of the time, the rest of the time you are stuck with only 1 elevator working and 1 in service. Very thin walls, you can hear everything your neighbors are doing. The P1 or visitor parking smells like a garbage dump, because the garbage is stored there improperly. There is one entrance to a garage that is supposed to be shared by 3 buildings and nearby retail. Outside windows offer very poor sonic insulation. Definitely the worst building I have lived in, would not recommend it.
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