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Condo address: 1100 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, ON M6H 4K1
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Converted Locomotive Foundary

(3.6 out of 5 stars)
by Harpreet J. Feb 21, 2018
I enjoy all the history, character and charm this place has to offer. As part of the common space is a 16,000 Sq Ft central communal atrium; great place for a light jog / Yoga or just to connect with your neighbors. Many of the residence take advantage of this indoor space in the cold winter days or rainy days. I purchased my suite here because of the many convenience factors; daily necessities all at walking distance. Also because of the amazing layout of my loft. My living room features 20 foot ceilings; exposed brick work along with a second story mezzanine area. Just a fantastic open concept space with dramatic large windows - awesome for entertaining.
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Units are typically 2-storied

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mark Savel Jun 18, 2017
Around 2008 the structure was converted into a loft. Past the lobby guests walk into the large open courtyard which spans the north and south sections of the lofts. Units on the main level are typically 2 stories and feature both interior (frosted) glass and exterior windows. The second (or 3rd depending on how you look at it) level also feature 2 level units that extend into the unique looking roof. Located at Lansdowne and St. Clair, the loft is positioned in a gentrifying part of down.
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