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Condo address: 5162-5168 Yonge St, North York, Toronto ON, L4C0M5
(4.0 out of 5 stars)
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Best condo in North York

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bejan B. Feb 25, 2018
This is the best location in North York. Very luxurious and prestige condo project by Menkes with direct access to the subway. Great shopping only walking distance away including Cinema, Library, City Hall, restaurants and parks! The building features a 20,000 sq ft. Gibson Club; complete with two separate party rooms, theater, games rooms, roof top garden, Spa-inspired indoor swimming pool complete with men's & women's saunas, fully equipped fitness center for weight training, cardio, yoga and aerobics. The only draw back is that the condos don't include free visitor parking.
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Building is nice

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Sep 12, 2017
Good: Building is nice. Quality is good so far. Security people are professional and do their jobs well. Common areas are clean and maintained well.

Bad: building management seems to be full of arbitrary rules and make things inconvenient for residents. Example 1: you can only have one garage door fob - a family would reasonably have two drivers and two sets of car keys. Why limit it to one garage door fob per unit? Example 2: parcel deliveries are limited to a small size and they will reject a certain size. If this is a problem for the security desk, then there should be a parcel holding surcharge. Why do we have a security desk if they can't even handle deliveries for residents?

Things to improve upon: Things like communicating rules and responsibilities of residents can be better communicated. There is a digital display board at the mailroom - this is not good. It should be inside the elevators. And should also be multi-lingual. English, Korean and Chinese at a minimum - French and Persian as well.

Deposits for common areas and payment for stuff should be accepted via credit card, or debit. For example - you want to use the theatre room, it's a $100 or something deposit - but only payable with cheque. People still pay with cheque? Same with the the elevator. Only a certified cheque will do. What's so hard about accepting credit cards for payment?

Amenities can only be booked by a specific coordinator available at certain hours. This can and should be handled by the security desk at all hours instead.

General complaint: the building management says you cannot have any furniture on the condo balcony, this includes tiles. Or they can only be seasonal. While I understand no storage rules, outdoor balcony tiles are not uncommon in other condos and are not unreasonable to have.

I've owned a unit in the north tower since May of 2015.
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Nicely built building but...

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jon Ingham May 08, 2017
Nicely built building, gorgeous grounds, very nice amenities and direct TTC access from the lobby (which is impressive). Sadly, although Menkes did a fantastic job with the building, the purchaser's and tenants are destroying the building at a stunning rate through sheer neglect.

The swimming pool is nice but has been closed frequently since first being opened because the residents are using it more like a public toilet than a pool. Property Management has also found that people are stealing the toilet paper from the common area bathrooms.

One purchaser was bringing huge bags of garbage from his restaurant to dump in the condo's bins so he could avoid paying the fees. Also, one resident destroyed the underground parking garage door, which of course ends up costing everyone through maintenance fees.
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