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Condo address: 90 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 0A7
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If you like lots of drama...

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by Anonymous Jan 05, 2017
...We've been living here since it was built. Management is horrendous here! So much, that they actually got fired and we have a new management team in place for the building. Poorly made - we will NEVER buy with Harhay Development in the future. The places are made with cheap finishings, the paint scratches even if you accidentally bump into it. Our light fixture that came with the place was never properly installed and is STILL hanging out of the ceiling after numerous requests to have it fixed. Construction workers have walked in while my girlfriend was taking a shower without permission. There is a serious problem with owners not picking up animal feces/urine in front and in the hallways inside of the building. Some weird neighbour stalks tenants and takes pictures of their unit buildings and posts them to Facebook. The fire alarms have been having constant problems randomly setting off at 3 am (one time twice in two days consecutively). Parties are loud in the "community garden" and you have to PAY to rent it out and need to hire SECURITY as well. So ridiculous. The dog issue is so bad in our building a neighbour's dog on the floor above us chewed through their water line and flooded 6 units that are STILL under repair and which the property management has NOT YET fixed even though it happened end of November and its now January and they have still done nothing about all the floors that need fixing in all units. If you like lots of drama, dog hair and urine all over the lobby carpets and elevators this is the place for you!
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