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Condo address: 90 Trinity St Toronto, ON M5A1H3
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looked at 30 buildings..

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Marcus Räder Sep 18, 2017
I looked at 30 different buildings in Toronto before buying one here. The main reason was the quality of workmanship. Unlike most other buildings built since 2000, the windows don't leak, the appliances work and the floor is straight even after the first year.

Besides high quality, which is an absolute must, I was looking for unobstructed views. The $20M Toronto put into the police station on the West side of the building guarantees an open view for at least some years. On the north is Trinity Church, and I don't think that one will get replaced with a condo tower any time soon.

The neighborhood is great. It's quiet, has a good amount of restaurants, one of the best LCBO's and a No Frills right next door. Walking to the the financial district takes 20 minutes.

The neighbors are great, and since the building only has 8 floors people know each other. People are polite and respectful. The only negatives are the lack of a swimming pool, the rooftop terrace that stays closed during winter and that short-term rentals are forbidden.
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an office-like building

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brook Wilson May 29, 2017
This building looks like an office building, not a condo. I do not like it - not for me.
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