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Condo address: 365 Church St Toronto, ON M5B 1H6
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by Brook Wilson Apr 01, 2018
Given the location, this building is going to be overrun with Ryerson students. The developers probably know this, which is why the units start at 323 sf. I predict a condo dorm.
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Ryerson Students

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by Richard Yip Jul 03, 2017
Target market would be Ryerson Students. As an investor point of view. No worries on renting out.
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Extensive review

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by Andrew la Fleur May 27, 2017
LOCATION Church street is actually set to become the next major condo corridor downtown. 365 Church is the first of what will be several new buildings in this neighbourhood. The Village is rapidly changing for sure. Side note: It's interesting to watch development in this city over the years. Anything east of Yonge, and even Yonge street itself was considered crappy real estate and somewhat of a ghetto just 5 years ago, however, 5 years from now both Church and Yonge between Queen and Bloor will be littered with new condo towers.

A good thing to know about the building if you are thinking about buying is that the views north on the lower floors will be blocked by the existing building that sits on Church and Granby and the views south will be affected by whatever Tridel builds on the lot directly south on the other side of McGill Street. But because the financial district lies mostly to the west of Yonge Street, the south-west and west views from 365 Church should be very nice. East views will be good too looking over the east part of the city and the lake.

Many people assume that this is destined to be a student-rental building due to it's location basically inside the Ryerson Campus. While it's true there will no doubt be a lot of investors buying and renting to students here, the building has also attracted a lot of first timer buyers looking to get something affordable close to Yonge. And the renters will certainly not just be students. Take a look at The Met at 21 and 25 Carlton: plenty of working young professionals rent here due to the fact you can walk to everything downtown. And it goes without saying that many buyers will be coming from The Village looking to upgrade to a newer building.

Amenities are fairly basic as it is a smaller tower (as far as towers go these days) with only a few hundred units but still there is going to be a gym and a really cool roof-top party room with south facing terrace that will should have awesome city views, again depending on what Tridel builds directly south.

The building hits on all the factors: great builder, excellent location, solid floor plans, and good value. It's great for investors but also first time buyers looking to get something affordable It's no surprise that this building nearly sold out in a matter of weeks when it launched.
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