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Condo address: 68 Shuter St Toronto, ON M5B 1Y4
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Cut corners

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointed with CenterCourt Dec 06, 2018
Lots of corners cut - sliding doors that don't close fully because of baseboards,. Misfitted (non-customized) kitchen cabinets, crooked walls and windows, slopping grouting in bathrooms, loose flooring that buckles up, empty hollow doors, shower with no built-in shelving. Need I say more? Center court is geared strictly to investors who don't notice the devil in the details.
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Renting here...

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sarah Shaw Dec 19, 2017
Great building and fantastic location,,, steps to Subway, P.A.T.H., Eaton Centre. The amenities are also very good! I don't need a gym membership anymore! I just wish developers would stop making such small and useless kitchens. I like to cook and eat healthy food.. so the sink and counter space is VERY minimal. ALSO, the new compact fridges are awful! you can barely fit a weeks worth of groceries.
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