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Condo address: 77 Carlton St Toronto, ON M5B 2J7
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Toronto's best kept secret!

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by Tigers Jul 18, 2019
It's rare to get this type of space for this price point. These days, new condos are tight with a lot of unusable space. 77 Carlton is the absolute opposite. Space is open and every square inch is usable. The building is quiet and well maintained. Most tenants here are owners, and the few students who DO live here are quiet and respectful. LOVE LIVING HERE.
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it will do.

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by Asad N. Oct 22, 2017
One of my best friends has been living here for just over a year now. Great location but its just an old building no matter what you do. There's only so much renovations you can do to hide the age of the place. The condo does seem to be well managed and maintained. The Collage subway station is a very short walk away and Lablaws ( grocery store ) is basically just across the street.
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