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Condo address: 461 Adelaide St W Toronto, ON M5V 0L6
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Fragile House

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jun 17, 2017
More like Fragile House. If you thought Made in China equated to being a cheap product, welcome to Fragile House, where Made in China is starting to sound great. Fragile House is a prime example of how developers and construction companies are cutting corners in the GTA condo boom on condos that are going for several hundred thousand dollars. Those buying and renting such units are just as responsible for encouraging such poor practices. I don't even know where to begin, so I will begin with the flooring.

As a reviewer stated on May 27, the flooring is very cheap, very hard, and appears to be aging by the day. The sub floor is so poor, it feels like they just laid engineered hardwood right over concrete. I find it more comfortable to walk outside than I do in the condo which says something. If you view a unit, take off your shoes to see what I am talking about. The flooring is made by Kentwood.

The bathroom floor is just as hard (if not harder, made by UNIColour MATTE), seems to get stained randomly, and has a rough appearance and feel. After looking up this tile, I found out that they are not even stain resistant as unglazed ceramic tiles and go for less than $3 a square foot retail and are better used for the outdoors and high traffic areas, hence that explains the stains. According to HGTV, the typical cost for porcelain tile is $3 to $8 per square foot just to give some perspective.

The appliances are cheap. Brands I never heard of like Fulgor and Blomberg and then the bare basics of brands like GE and Frigidaire. Upon looking up Fulgor, I learned that they are an Italian company that make sleek looking appliances, but cheaply, and read reviews about people having performance issues with them. GE was maybe too ashamed to prominently display their logo on their refrigerator as I only found out it was a GE fridge when I found the documentation and previously assumed it was some off-brand fridge based on the cheap interior because there was no logo or indication it was a GE fridge anywhere else.

Noise insulation. Walk down the hallway and you can listen to what's going on in every condo. The noise leakage into the unit is not bad from other condos, but they are not all yet occupied either, and if you are up too late, you may hear some, noises. The bathrooms have hollow-core doors, good if you want to listen to what's going on from the outside, but unfortunately, this seems to be standard now with these new buildings.

All around the workmanship is poor. Maybe there is no more pride left in putting up a solid building as everything boils down to the "bottom line" for the developers and construction firms, not the people actually occupying it. Cheap parts, missing parts, things installed incorrectly, things not working. On top of that, rough cuts in the drywall where bathroom piping is and cheap plastic to cover it up, even the digital thermostat showed a rough cut behind it, as it sat in place.

My 10-year-old apartment is in much better shape than these new units along with my 60 year old home which cost about 4 times less. Knock on anything there, and it's rock solid. Everything in Fashion House (except for the concrete structure thankfully) is hollow like the building itself and the drywall feels so thin at some points, that you have to be careful about even bumping into it. Did anyone inspect these units before clearing them for move-in or did that get cut from the budget because of all the issues they would have found, and they just hoped no one would notice?

I can't believe this is acceptable as new construction these days. Unfortunately, it seems the construction quality of buildings has regressed in the 21st Century, where "value engineering", code for cutting corners, is the name of the game. It would not surprise me if temporary unskilled foreign labor was brought in on all these new condos to keep costs down. This is not unique to Fashion House but to most new condos in the GTA. Read
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pricing insights

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Evgeny Tchebotarev Jun 13, 2017
Interesting fact: prices in the second building (overlooking Adelaide) are higher than in the main one (overlooking King). Overall, fantastic-looking building, and a great addition to King St. West.
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lived here for 3 weeks

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Mar 22, 2017
I lived here for 3 weeks. The building is very impersonal, ugly and has a low quality regarding the structures. The location is ok, and I can't point my finger on anything specific that's wrong, but compared to around 30 other buildings I've seen so far I wouldn't want to live here.

Maybe the main thing that makes it strange is the fact that it's a small building but has the atmosphere of a large tower. If anonymity is your thing, it might be great. It also seems that they allow short-term rentals, although I'm not sure about it.
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Next to a nightclub :-(

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 13, 2017
Recently moved in. This condo is located right next to a nightclub. The noise from the smoking area of the nightclub is too loud on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (11pm-4am). Can't sleep at all.
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No so good..

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 03, 2017
I checked out a few rental units here. At first, the building seems pretty cool - modern design, cool location. But I soon realized that first impressions don't mean a thing.

My main complaint - the kitchens did not have any upper cabinetry (I was told that these were an optional "upgrade" that most buyers didn't purchase due to ridiculous cost). How cheap can you get? And all the appliances were miniature versions of normal ones. If you haven't grown up yet and eat all your meals at restaurants, this won't affect you, but if you are even remotely interested in cooking, forget it!

The floor plans are another real failure in this building. In one unit, the bedroom did not have any door or 4th wall and was completely open to the kitchen (by design). In another unit, the bedroom closet was located INSIDE the bathroom (also, by design). Another floorplan totally wasted half the windows due to the bedrooms being situated on the inside rather than at the windows. How did any of these plans get approved? The only thing more ridiculous I've seen in Toronto are the bathroom/bedroom picture windows in M5V.

The location is good if you like the restaurant/bar atmosphere, but I imagine it would get tiring after about a year.

Aside from the hardwood floors, which were some of the nicest I've seen (no idea if they are truly of quality, they just looked good), this place screams "ripoff".
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Many issues

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jan 04, 2017
Moved in on March 1st 2014. Issues: - No heating for several days in March when it was still freezing outside; - No water flowing to the washing machine for about a week and a half; - Low water pressure in the shower; Granted all these problems have been fixed, but that tells you about the quality of this development. Flooring is also very cheap. Only good thing about this place is arguably its location. And now, I suspect the heat pump to be defective as AC isn't working.
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