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Condo address: 70 Distillery Lane Toronto, ON M5A 0E3
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Little crowded

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by Lucan McRandall Apr 13, 2018
I have been living at Clear Spirit since January 2013. As of October 2013, construction is still ongoing, with many of the hallways and corridors unfinished. Additionally, construction has been an ongoing noise issue for the duration of my 9 months as a tenant. Combined with the the sounds of the GO tracks & the near-constant presence of municipal construction (which occurs during the night, when trains do not run), there is rarely a quiet moment.

When I moved in, many of my appliances did not work. Since then, I have had developers in my suite several times to address wiring malfunctions. This has been ongoing over the course the entirety of my lease.

The amenities suites have just recently opened (end of September), and they are quite limited: small, outdoor swimming pool; limited exercise equipment & weights. To add to this, the developers have placed all amenities overtop of residential suites. As a result, there have been many noise complaints about usage of the weight room. Unfortunately, none of the residents that I have seen have been abusing the weights, so I'm wary that these complaints occur as a result of normal, everyday use. If that's the case, I have low expectations about the future of the amenities.

Lastly, while the neighbourhood can be nice, it's not as nice as you would expect. Visiting the distillery can be fun, but if your neighbourhood is a 24/7 tourist destination, it can get a little crowded and hectic at times.
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by Kevin Nashman Apr 03, 2017
When I moved in on a 1-year lease. The condo was still under construction but they were allowing people to occupy. A year later there were still no amenities available.

The elevators are fast to move between floors but very slow to open/close doors. There are only 3 for the entire building and so you can end up waiting for a while, especially when one is "on service" or down.

The building entrance (and even Distillery Lane itself) is difficult to find for first-timers, so if you have guests you'll want to provide good directions.

During the dayS there was constant background noise of construction due to the Don Lands development for the Pan Am Games. At night, there can be noise from the GO tracks which sit about 75-100 m from the base of the building's south face.

The units themselves are good, and balconies are spacious if your unit comes with one.
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