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Condo address: 50 Bruyeres Mews Toronto, ON M5V 0H8
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by angrycondodude Sep 21, 2018
This building is garbage. Something is busted in this building every other week. The building supervisor seems completely inept to do anything. One elevator was out for months (out of 2 elevators) and all they would say is thank you for your patience. The air conditioning is out this weekend. The garbage chutes always have large boxes and empty booze bottles clogging up the rooms. The cleaning staff are useless, none of the lights work outside so you're walking around in the dark after 9pm. There's been construction outside for a year now so don't bother thinking you're going to sleep in ever. It seems they are reactive and not proactive, which is annoying. The building is just a waste of your money.
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Bed buged guest suite

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jul 14, 2017
Stayed in rented guest suite at 50 Bruyeres Mews, Local at Fort York and found a live bed bug on the covers. After our stay, we contracted bed bugs from the unit into our home and later it was confirmed by email by property management (dated December 13 2016) that upon our report of having contracted bed bugs from their unit, an inspection by the pest control contractor found "several bed bug larvae & eggs" in the Bruyeres Mews guest suite.
As of January, 2017, property management has agreed to reimburse the costs of the rental but will not claim responsibility for us having contracted bed bugs into our own home and the consequent burden of costs as a result of having stayed in their contaminated unit.
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