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Condo address: 170 Fort York Blvd Toronto, ON M5V 0E6
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20 Min. to get down

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous May 07, 2017
Building is nice and kept clean, unfortunately there is nothing else good to say. Every weekend typically only one elevator is working for this 29 floored condo. Expect to wait about 20 minutes to get down or upstairs. The security guards this condo hires are extremely rude. I don't know where they find them. Expect yourself and your guests to be spoken to only in a rude way. Ignoring people at the door, and when you walk past and say good morning/night they ignore you. There is one nice black guy but unfortunately he's not there all the time, he's great! Regarding the bbqs, it's a lot easier to just not use them. The staff don't make it easy, get annoyed and don't like giving the keys to unlock the BBQ. It's the staff this condo hires that make this building not enjoyable to live in. Regarding the guest parking, don't expect your guests to find a spot. The "guest parking" is full of residents. It's very rare to find an empty spot. Luckily around the corner there is public parking but again not good if you have guests. And don't bother asking the staff about the parking and getting a guest parking pass from them is another issue itself. The staff have no idea what to do and if you have any questions or concerns they no answers and are extremely short tempered especially if you ask them multiple questions. Hopefully this building starts hiring professional staff that can make this building a place people actually want to and enjoy to live in.
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