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Condo address: 510 King St East Toronto, ON M5A1M1
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by Brook Wilson Nov 30, 2017
You know how people always lament about developers only putting in dry cleaners and banks (or maybe a Rabba if you're lucky) in the bottom of buildings? Well, here you have a car dealership!

To follow-up on Dave's comment, I've been hearing a lot of people complain about the quality of finishes in Streetcar buildings. Not great.

In addition to this, if you're thinking about buying or renting here, I suggest you figure out a way to test for noise attenuation. I don't think the demising walls are poured in place concrete, so examine the neighbourly noise situation beforehand if you can.
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by Dave Avenue Jun 19, 2017
Terrible. The absolute cheapest finishes of any building I've ever seen. And I worked in the industry.
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by Anonymous Feb 04, 2017
I too keep hearing he same things about ALL Streetcar developments. Finishes are cheap all across the board and the soundproofing is terrible. It's very bad. You should think long and hard before buying.
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