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Condo address: 92 King St E Toronto, ON M5C 2V8
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Looks tattered

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by Condo Buyer Jun 11, 2017
Yes, this building looks tattered with the faded green and dirty windows on the outside and the old doors with the old school round doorknobs which scream "replace me!" BUT agree with agent Ron regarding good layouts and sizes of the units for the sq. footage price. Yes, the ceiling is only 8ft tall but really unless you are over 6ft tall- not a big deal. Security guy could not be bothered to help my agent in the least bit which was not attractive but at least the elevator was attractively updated and quick to service us. The gym is a JOKE. Location is great, super close to TTC King Station and streetcar right outside your buidling. Can't beat that on a cold Toronto winter evening when you have to go somewhere by TTC. Also, METRO is super close and SLM is right around the corner.
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