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Condo address: 88 Scott Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1X6
(2.5 out of 5 stars)
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Numerous technical issues

(2.3 out of 5 stars)
by AnnoyedatScott Dec 17, 2018
Since moving here in September, I have experienced major issues with the elevators due to a flood in the past. Sometimes only one lift is working at 8:30am and it can take up to 20 minutes to exit building - not a great way to start each day. Air-conditioning failed 3 times in the month of September. The pool....what pool? Has been closed for repairs for 80% of the time I have lived here. I moved specifically to this building because of the location and an indoor pool. I have little faith the pool will be operational and don't think I will live here long enough to see it repaired, I plan to move out this summer and find a better building. I have a 3 bedroom so my rent is not cheap, yet I feel I'm in a cheap building :(
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Initial Review

(2.6 out of 5 stars)
by Tony S Aug 11, 2018
I'll start with the good. I love the location, how it is very close to the financial district, Path, and the St. Lawrence market. Just a very vibrant community to be in. The layout of most units in this building is very functional with lots of storage space. Maintenance is very low. Lobby is nicely done and visually appealing like a hotel. Walls are structurally sound with no noise, whether from inside or outside the building, coming into the unit. There is also a full suite of amenities in this building (gym, juice bar, swimming pool, sky lounge on 46th floor!). Aroma Espresso Bar is just one elevator ride away for your morning quick fix. Now with the bad. There are only four elevators to serve 58 stories, one can be on service for move-ins, another one for construction staff, which leaves two to serve the residents. This is a very busy building and often the line-ups in the lobby can be long. I can't imagine how long the wait will be once the building is at full capacity, and god-forbid if one elevator ever breaks down, you might as well sleep in the nice lobby. This building is prone to floods, especially when it rains hard. I recall at least four floods now with one massive flood last November, knocking out all four elevators and the residents at that time had to evacuate their homes. The developer has assured that the elevators have been repaired back to original quality, but there is still a concern about the long-term damage caused to the electronics from that major flood. Other nuances include Property management (First Service), intermittent A/C issues, and slow drain, which is probably the culprit for the numerous floods in the past. Maintenance fees do not cover for water, heating or cooling, unlike most other new builds do, nor does it cover hydro. I was also not very thrilled to learn that carpet was the standard option in the bedroom until they added the option to upgrade to full laminate throughout the unit. Quality can be hit or miss, there were definitely some PDI items to follow up on but the developer was quick to respond. Interior looks nice like a high-end building but the choice of material/appliances makes it feel like a mid-range building at best. Personally, I think the rendering of the exterior looked better than the actual building. It already looks dated like another bland rectangular box in the sky and it blends right into the background (especially looking at it from the East) without being much noticed. I believe this is Concert's first high rise and biggest project to date so difficulties are not unreasonable. There were some issues with the developer in the beginning, but in the end, they did listen and promised that everything will be fine.
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