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Condo address: 32 Stewart St, Downtown, Toronto, M5V1H6
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Not bad, but nothing special

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Mar 18, 2017
32 Stewart is a completely passable and clean building in a good area. I rented in two different units over the course of two years. I would summarize the Pros and Cons as follows: PROS: excellent location, generally clean and quiet, being in between Portland and Bathurst on Stewart, it misses the crowds of loud, drunk people walking back to the cars on from King West at 2-3am on weekends, high ceilings and open concepts at most places, including unfinished ceilings exposing concrete and piping (which I liked) CONS: no amenities at all (no gym, no roofdeck, etc), huge maintenance fees despite having no amenities (a problem for owners, though it'll get passed onto renters), only one elevator - this can be slow and in a few instances during my time there it was completely unavailable (either out of order or someone moving in or out). Overall it's not bad, but it's also nothing too special.
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