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Condo address: 18 Beverley St, Downtown, Toronto, M5T1X7
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basic amenities, nice location

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Condo Buyer Apr 29, 2017
It is a nice looking red brick low rise condo unit (11 Soho St) that is part of the Phoebe complex. The entrance faces west onto the municipal parking. The one bedroom units are bigger than the newer one bed condo units so you get a better sq. footage price. Maintenance fees are reasonable since there are basic amenities: you share the gym with 18 Beverley (have to go through the building to get to it), few guest suites and a party room. The concierge is part-time and after hours you have to go to 18 Beverley to pick up your packages. It is a nice location with a walk score of 100. The Zen garden with private access only is a nice courtyard in the summer where the residents get together for bbqs- so I hear.
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Constant noise problems

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 03, 2017
Absolute worst experience of my life. Constant noise problems through the wall from the renter in the next unit. Also noise problems from the renters above: their little kid banging on the floor with his toys and dropping things on the floor. Kitchen noise and loud voices from across the hallway: they liked to keep their door open to take advantage of hallway ventilation. And from below: conversations in the wall-enclosed patio could be clearly heard even with all my windows closed. Building management seemed completely incapable of solving these problems.
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