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Condo address: 168 Simcoe St, Downtown, Toronto, M5T1T4
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Super well maintained

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Apr 03, 2017
Summary: I love this building. I rented in this building for 6 years before buying. We have now lived here for 8 years. The building is super well maintained and everyone is always shocked when I tell them it is 15 years old. Maintenance fees are reasonable and stable (include all utilities). Amenities are excellent - gym has a lot of equipment. I use it every day and I'm normally the only person there. The party room is cheap to rent (~$60) and the furniture inside was all just replaced this year. There are hot tubs in the men's and women's change room, but sadly they are single sex. However because of this they are nearly never used. Management is top notch. We also have an onsite maintenance tech who is always willing to help you out. Security is excellent. We have a few mainstays who will know you by name, and then another 1 or two that change periodically. Rooftop patio is spacious, has music hookups for your iPod, wet bar to wash your hands, and two large barbecues. Lots of tables and chairs to have a dinner party, and loungers to tan. There are something like 10 (free) visitor parking spots, which is a lot for downtown. My guests never have trouble getting a spot. The neighborhood is amazing. Literally, like 30 feet to a subway entrance, and it's in the entertainment district which is full of restaurants and shopping. We are also a straight shot to the highway. Windows are not floor to ceiling. The building has proper walls, unlike new glass-wall construction. Built to last and well insulated. Heat pump units in the suits are individual and can switch between heating and cooling on demand. I have a thermostat that cools our suite at night and heats it up in the morning. Dogs are allowed (max 1 per unit). We have one. Never been any trouble with animal noises/barking). Units are very well sound insulated. I virtually never hear anything from another unit. Our condo board is relatively inactive. I have attended the owners meetings every year. Our auditor reports every year that our finances are perfect, there has never been a special assessment, and our reserve is very healthy. There is also no drama.
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