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Condo address: 24 Wellesley St West, Downtown, Toronto, M4Y2X6
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Overall well run building

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Orenthal James Apr 28, 2017
Lived here for 3 years. Overall a well run building. Unlike most downtown condos, there were a lot of professionals and older adults in the building. My biggest problem with condos is soundproofing. I'd say the soundproofing here is pretty good. You'd hear the odd thing, but the walls don't feel like they're made of paper like other condos. Not a lot of visitor parking. Security is good and the building seems to be well run. The upstairs patio has a great view with a jacuzzi. Finishes are kind of crappy but seems like a quality building. The location is great. Right next to the subway and right above Rabba. Would recommend!
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