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Condo address: 45 Carlton St, Downtown, Toronto, M5B2H9
(2.8 out of 5 stars)
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Older is better

(4.6 out of 5 stars)
by Lexres Jul 18, 2019
I doubt you will find a bigger condo downtown for the price. 1 bedroom units are over 1000 ft2 and 2 bedrooms are about 1300 ft2. Whenever anyone enters they are like wow this place is huge. I guess they decided whether they should build a balcony that would only get used 4 months of the year or a year-round massive solarium, and they went with the latter so you get that extra room. Living with 3 roommates with one in the solarium which is actually bigger than the 2nd bedroom is not only possible but is exactly what I did. Huge laundry room too that can be used for storage. When the building was originally built, it was considered a luxury condo and I'm told that some Leaf players lived there to be across from Maple Leaf Gardens. The advantages of being an older condo are that it would have competed with houses at the time so everything is big. Big units. Big wide parking spots with rooms for a car, multiple bikes, even a motorbike too. Lots of residents without cars so you can rent an additional spot quite easily and cheaply. Tons of visitor parking, and it never fills, which I'm told is extremely rare. An entire floor with amenities including a large gym and pool with a great view of Carlton St and the Ryerson Athletic Center. Big thick concrete floors and walls, the sound has never been an issue. Management should re-purpose the walking track, ping-pong room and hobby room as there is so much common area including a large library, party rooms and meeting rooms. Lots of units have been renovated now, but it's really a question of form over function. This place is across the street from the flagship Loblaws at MLG and 30 seconds from the College subway. The area is fantastic, loads of new condos going up all around at maybe double the price though. They will never be able to build anything higher above MLG as it is a historical building. This used to be more of a student building, my roommates before were UT and Ryerson students but with the soaring house prices in the last decade it has now become much more young family (due to the big units and relatively low price), some older residents who were young when they bought decades ago and were among the first to live downtown, and young professionals who value function over form.
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Old building

(2.6 out of 5 stars)
by Alex Oct 22, 2018
A typical 80s building... But the location is unbeatable - you are located very centrally, steps away from Yonge Street. TTC is just around the corner.
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Old building & finishes

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brook Wilson Jun 09, 2017
An older building with massive units, fairly reasonable maintenance fees and great amenities nearby: College subway station, Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, College Park, etc. I viewed a unit here a few years back and thought it had good potential if you wanted to completely gut and renovate it (units with original finishes will need it). You will, however, have to deal with relatively low ceilings and the fact that only the lower floors have balconies. I should also note that I recently ran into a friend from this building who told me they had bed bugs in their unit. When they called an exterminator, he apparently said that they had been into a few other suites in the building. I can't say how much of a problem this is, but it's something you should definitely inquire about if you're considering this building.
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