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Condo address: 313-323 Richmond St East, Downtown, Toronto, M5A4S7
(3.7 out of 5 stars)
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Poor Mgmt, Great Residents

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Owner Feb 11, 2020
I've finally reached the frustration point living here that I needed to post this to make sure others are making an informed opinion. Below I will outline some of the behind-the-scenes issues with living at The Richmond that you won't find out about until you're living here. I will add the caveat to the below, that the building is still an excellent place to live. The Corporation has invested heavily into modernizing the building on multiple fronts, including the lobby, hallways, amenity rooms and one of the best rooftops in the city. There's also a lot of owners living in the building, which has created a really great sense of community. That said, here are some things to watch out for: One of the Board members is a Real Estate broker with a group that actively has real estate agents working to sell condos in this building. Don't expect disclosure of this from Right at Home Realty, but beware! The walls of the unit are paper thin and you will likely hear plenty of noise from adjoining units and the hallway. If you're near garbage disposal, prepare to feel like someone is slamming the door in your unit! The noise originally bothered me, but I definitely got used to it with the help of white noise (although the garbage trucks in the back alley are hell on Monday and Friday mornings). The building is older and the plumbing in multiple units is starting to go. They sent around a notice to residents with tips on how to mitigate when a leak happens, but really the only option is to replace a lot of the valves - at your own expense. It's a worthwhile investment as if there is a leak and you damage another unit you are liable and it can be costly (and/or hurt your insurance premiums). Property management is pretty strict and - in my experience - quite unreasonable. Beware some of the strange by-laws that the Corporation has, including the colour of the curtains you put up, not allowing lights on the balcony, and the ability to authorize spending on behalf of the owner without prior consent. As a relatively new owner in the building, I've felt like a second-class citizen in my dealings with property management and would expect that unless you have time to dedicated socializing with the Board and others, you will too. Generally, you'll save a few dollars by renting/owning in this building relative to the area. If you can live with the above four points, you'll be joining a great community of residents and living in a fantastic, up-and-coming neighbourhood.
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polite and courteous staff

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jul 27, 2017
My favourite aspects of the Richmond are the diversity of its occupants and the management of the building. The Richmond caters to a very broad group of residents who all seem to thoroughly enjoy sharing the space and its amenities. Because of the eclectic mix of residents; ranging from small families to young professionals, executives to retired seniors, there lacks any pretentiousness you may feel from a building dominated by a particular demographic. Pets are welcomed, yet I find owners generally respectful of non-pet owners. Which leads me to my second point regarding Management. In my four years living there, I have found that upgrades, repairs and maintenance were always dealt with swiftly and consistently. Communication with residents and owners was reliable and the property management is very responsive (even for owners who live abroad). Routine maintenance activities in the units were always performed in a timely manner, by the same polite and courteous staff and follow up items addressed quickly. My personal favorite is the hospitality and helpfulness of the security staff. I have been to buildings where it feels like the security staff are merely glorified bouncers whereas the team at The Richmond has always been especially helpful to me as well as my guests; whether its responding to a noise complaint from out on the street or letting in my housekeeper. We currently live abroad and rent out our 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 parking spot corner unit and our tenant has shared similar satisfactions with the building.
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the best-managed building

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous May 28, 2017
This is the best-managed condo building I've lived in. For example, the recycling room is excellent. But before buying I'd inquire about the construction of your unit. Are your walls made from poured concrete? If there is a partition wall, will you hear noise through the wall from your neighbor? Will you hear bathroom noises through the wall? I had no problem with the mixed neighborhood. The building is close to the Queen St streetcar and an easy walk to the Yonge subway. I rarely went to St Lawrence Market, because I don't eat meat or cheese. Its a nice walk to the Loblaws at Carleton and Church. I used the rooftop garden once or twice.
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good aminieties and location

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Austin Kjorven Mar 22, 2017
The Richmond is a properly designed and managed to meet a very specific niche. For those who fall into this group, the building provides more than one could hope for. For others, it may disappoint. Most owners reside in the building and many have been occupying their units for over a decade with no plans of leaving. The location of the Richmond presents an interesting dichotomy: On one hand it is conveniently situated only a minute drive from both the DVP and the Gardner, while also within a five minute walk of the St. Lawrence Market, grocery stores, trendy King Street restaurants, boutique shopping, public parks, and dog parks. On the other hand, the building borders Lower Sherbourne, which, arguably becomes a less desirable determinant factor a block north. The properties key features are its common spaces. None of which is more inviting than the massive patio that spans across the entire roof of the building. Equipped with eight barbeques, deck chairs, picnic tables, a private gazebo, and hot tub, the patio is designed to accommodate both private and social gatherings simultaneously. In the summer months, residents often head up to the patio to unwind together, grilling fresh fare they've picked up at the market on their walk home from work. In addition to the rooftop patio, The Richmond boasts plenty of other areas of common space. A gorgeous penthouse party room is available for those residents looking to entertain a large number of guests, while the coffee lounge in the lobby can be reserved for smaller gatherings. The building also offers tenants the use of a boardroom and a modest self-contained library with an eclectic assortment of books. A two-story fully equipped gym complete with half basketball court and spa occupy the front of the building. The gym offers a range of cardio machines, resistance machines, free weights, and callisthenic equipment to satisfy even serious fitness enthusiasts. Pets are not only welcomed in The Richmond, but encouraged. In fact, we have met many of our friends from the building while out walking our dog near the property or at the dog park a couple blocks away. If you like dogs, look forward to seeing them in hallways, elevators, and around the property. If you don't like dogs, you will not like it here. They're not going anywhere. A few other points worth noting: The property offers underground parking, locker space, bicycle parking, and three short-term guest parking spots. Green parking occupies two floors of the parking garage, so there is always a spot if you need one. Finally, business tenants include a reputable dry cleaner, a small convenience store, Tim Hortons coffee shop, and a copy center.
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