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Condo address: 43 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, M4P1A2
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(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Aug 08, 2017
I've been renting for over a year. People who live here are nice and quiet. The concierge is always nice. One major annoyance is that water heating often has issues, which requires temporary water shutdown and repairs. Another big one is that the windows are not soundproof enough to block loud sounds coming from night delivery trucks at the McDonald in front of this building, the buses, the honking cars on Eglinton. Often I wake up twice in the night due to this. The third problem I feel important to share is that air circulation is poor, which causes some of its residents to get allergic reactions to dust (many of us get allergic only when at home), even if the filters get changed twice a year (I suspect the air ducts are not getting cleaned properly). Last but not least, try taking the subway at the Yonge and Eglinton station at 8:30-9:00am: unpleasant. By the time the subway gets to this station, it's often too congested to squeeze in. Add to this the fact that the city will repair the line from St-Clair all the way here, for at least 2 months, and the upcoming construction of the new rail that will run along Eglinton.
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