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Condo address: 188 Redpath Avenue, Toronto, M4P2K6
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(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous May 25, 2017
...We own in this building and have lived here for a few years. We face the back of the building and it's amazingly quiet, despite the fact that there are three apartment buildings behind us. We did not want a concierge, pool and all the frills so this building works well for us. The condo fees are very reasonable in comparison to other buildings in the neighbourhood. I like the fact that it's a smaller building as I find the big towers to be quite alienating. From what we've seen, there are a lot of long-time owners here, as well as renters, and a good mix of age groups. People are friendly, but not intrusive. Of course, the area can't be beaten. It's the ultimate in convenience...
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