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Condo address: 747 Queen St East, Toronto, M4M1H3
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A true urban gem

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Daniel Berkal Jun 30, 2017
An absolutely stellar development that truly doesn't feel like a condo. A wonderfully small building with a personality and unique vibe. Thick concrete walls and outstanding maintenance. Massive windows that make the place feel light and open. Giant balconies with large patios that embrace the outside environment. A place that has everything you need, but nothing useless that you don't require. A great space where you actually meet your neighbors and feel a part of the community. Nestled in one of the warmest and liveliest neighbourhoods in the city. A true walking paradise, one of the few places in town where you truly can live a car free lifestyle if you choose. Close to everything. Including highways and transit if that's what you require. One of the most enjoyable spaces I've ever lived in. A true urban gem.
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