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Condo address: 188 Doris Avenue, Toronto, M2N6Z5
(3.3 out of 5 stars)
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Not bad but could be better

(3.3 out of 5 stars)
by NorthYorkGuy Jan 07, 2019
The appearance and cleanliness of this condo is good and the staff are friendly. The gym and pool are a bit small compared to most newer condos, but not bad. I've never actually been in the pool but it looks OK. The games room is meh; nothing special. Just a pool table, some couches and TVs, and the rule is that you can only have a couple people in there, so no guys nights. You can't book the games room, so you may have to share. It might be good if you don't have a TV, but for these reasons I've never actually used it. You can book the party room, but it just has a bar and chairs and an open area if I remember correctly. My biggest gripe is the sound proofing. I get neighbours complaining about the sound I make when watching movies because noise travels very easily. At night I can hear my neighbours coughing and talking in their sleep! I expect much better from a somewhat modern condo. Also the unit entrance is badly designed. Because of how the door opens and the small space, you can't open and close the door with anyone in the entranceway by the closet. You either have to leave the door open while you greet them and they remove their shoes, or have them come in with their shoes onto the carpet and then close the door. Otherwise things in the building seem relatively spacious. There is a decent amount of visitor parking and you get a good number of passes per month.
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