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Condo address: 125-135 Village Green Square, Toronto, M1S0G3
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garage is horrendous

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Arman Tehrani Jan 06, 2017
I was a renter at this building. The parking garage is horrendous, we're talking about one car lanes that usually have 2 cars squeezing by each other in turning corners. The ramps are even more narrow and I've seen plenty of bumpers scraping the walls. A tip is to back up when you see a car coming or it won't have enough space and dent your car! The residents in the building are pretty shady. I smelt marijuana constantly in hallways and the parking garage. The buildings are serviced by one road out onto Kennedy, big line ups during rush hour to turn left out the neighbourhood. The pros are that the place did have a swimming pool. A pretty large one at that.
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