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Condo address: 191-201 Sherbourne St, Toronto, M5A3X1
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Aug 11, 2017
The building is located 200-300 m walk from street cars on Dundas and Queen - hence easy to access. It has all basic amenities nearby and has a Walk Score of 94. It is a reasonably old building from its appearance and I saw a 1 BR which was pretty spacious as old buildings in general are. Overall, the building offers connectivity and space at an affordable price for mid-income tenants. When I visited 2/3 elevators didn't work and complemented (in a negative way) by the ageing building features; the overall maintenance didn't impress. A major issue is the safety; Moss Park as a neighborhood is known for its high crime stats numbers. The homeless shelter in the vicinity isn't helping. I saw families though, but not suitable for families in general. If one is prepared to manage the risk of crime and occasional maintenance and look for an affordable place with good connectivity, this building can be considered.
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