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Condo address: 101 Charles St East, Toronto, ON, M4Y 0A9
(3.9 out of 5 stars)
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Small but mighty

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by SC Oct 07, 2020
I'm a little confused at previous reviews insinuating that the area is dangerous or unsafe. The Yonge and Bloor neighbourhood and the area surrounding have classically never been a "good" neighbourhood, nor ever looked this gentrified - and this stretch of Charles, filled with boutique condos galore, is certainly nothing but. Yes, there are characters sometimes, much like you'd see in any other neighbourhood in Toronto. But dangerous? Not more than any other in Toronto. Stick to Upper Jarvis/the Village/Yorkville and you'll be fine. Take a midnight walk over to Cabbagetown and St. James Town and flash money about and we'll talk. But compared to Queen West, Little Portugal, even the Financial District on weekends... overall, no, even with Sanctuary down the street, that, might I add and commend, are doing great work - I've never felt unsafe here. The Village is a skip away, Yonge Street is RIGHT down the street, you have the lovely Rosedale Valley Park Road a little ways down and the opulent Rosedale neighbourhood for scenic walks nearby, and if you're lucky like I am, the office is a brief jaunt away. There's an excellent coffee shop downstairs as well as a 24/7 Rabba's and laundromat, there are both fancy grocery stores and budget ones immediately surrounding the area, you're extremely close to the subway, you can essentially find any food you want within a 15-minute radius... what's not to love? It's so central! Onto the building... it's a new condo, and the units are generally small like most new builds with no separation between your living room and kitchen. If you can make do with a smaller space - the bedrooms I find are significantly smaller than most, even the master - the finishes in the bathrooms are quite nice, and the floor-to-ceiling views are gorgeous. A+ for the concierge team and responsive building super. The gym is awesome and I appreciate the extra effort they've put into re-opening during the pandemic (e.g. frequent cleanings every couple hours, barriers between all the machines, great communication all throughout from management). The pool is terrific. I've yet to check out the grand piano room, but you can actually rent that space too. If you care about this kind of thing, it looks to guests and visitors for all intents, a very nice luxury building. ALSO: FREE VISITOR PARKING!!! Unheard of. Now onto the bad. The elevators break down a lot. I'd say maybe once every 1-3 weeks I'm waiting more than 10 minutes in a line to get into an available car. Of course, I moved in shortly before the pandemic and we have a 3-4 person limit in the elevator now... Sometimes the car I'm in will stop before my floor and not move... or shake... and it's a little alarming. I hope building management changes whomever they've contracted to service the elevators because they have sent out notices to fix them various times this summer and they are still not in good shape. Lastly, this is more indicative of some tenants in the building, but management has sent out stern emails multiple times about the state of our recycling room (for large recycling items) - it has been packed to the ceiling with all kinds of junk during COVID and extremely disappointing to see the disrespect and piggly behaviour that certain individuals show for what is a communal space. In short, I really recommend this building for anyone who works in the surrounding area or who lives alone and doesn't need much storage space. There's a great mix of people in the building: old, young, students, retirees, yuppies, professionals, families... I've liked this place probably more than any other condo I've ever lived in!
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love X2 condo

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Downtown girl Dec 18, 2018
awesome condo, good modern interior, well-maintained amenities. Location is very convenient, minutes / walking distance to subway, lots of shops and cafes in the area.
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Like my condo

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Kim F. Dec 23, 2017
I like a vibrant neighbourhood though there are some sketchy people walk around as there are many older houses and social buildings located here. The unit I am owning is really nice, with a good unit plan, not too loud. I have one-bedroom plus a den unit with a decent walk-in closet and mid-size balcony where 4-5 people can conveniently chat during a party. Thus, there is plenty space for me alone.
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Good condos, questionable neighborhood

(3.3 out of 5 stars)
by Bong J. Dec 03, 2017
These condos are located on the Church street, not the best neighborhood, a lot of rental unit buildings around that originate from 60s and 70s. The X2 condo building itself is located in front of the Rogers headquarters. Nice functional floor plans, more spacious than other condominium buildings in the downtown core, nice few across the city from the balcony.
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Not the best location...

(3.6 out of 5 stars)
by Leola O. Oct 30, 2017
Not the best location, this condominium is surrounded by some older, much older rental units. Also proximity to the groceries is also pretty far - I do not know anything in this area but it is a walking distance to the subway station. The lobby is pretty nicely done. The bathroom finishings are quite decent - I like its modern look.
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a nice floor plan

(3.6 out of 5 stars)
by Mitchell N. Oct 15, 2017
One plus a den unit has a nice layout. It has a full-size range with a smaller fridge and a built-in dishwasher - a mixed collage of different appliances. The kitchen finishings are on a low grade cheap, cabinetry. Plus, a stepped island that is lower on one side, not sure why - maybe to use it as a table. Nice floor-to ceiling windows, bedroom of an average size with a large walk-in closet which is an advantage. A nice floor plan with two accesses to the bathroom (from a living room and from the bedroom) - a convenient feature. The bathroom is on the smaller side. Average finishings everywhere.
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