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Condo address: 8 Charlotte St, Toronto, ON, M5V 1K1
(3.3 out of 5 stars)
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Great location

(3.6 out of 5 stars)
by Jay L. Dec 27, 2017
Charlie condos are located at King and Spadina, very good location, many shops in the area. There is a grocery store in the next building underneath and also LCBO. The building is very straight-forward, all glass, nothing special about it, no outstanding architecture details, floor-to-ceiling windows. A positive aspect is that there are no buildings directly blocking the views. You'd get some vies from all the views. A very nice lobby, very modern - different from the outside. It has nice marble details. Units appear to be on the smaller side. It has all the common elements including a swimming pool and a large gym located on the 7th floor - it has everything.
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A very modern condo with a great gym

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Marcus O. Nov 15, 2017
This modern condo has a very spacious and beautiful entrance area with a fire-place and a lot of various facilities in the middle of the building including a gym overseeing Toronto. You live directly in the downtown core just steps away to stores, night clubs and restaurants. There is a LCBO store just across the street.
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A very nice condo

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Dwain D. Oct 29, 2017
It is 30 seconds away from a King street car stop - very convenient location. The condo has Aroma Espresso coffee shop on the street level - definitively a benefit if you like grabbing a fresh coffee in the morning. A very bright unit with huge windows. My guests love the city views.
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Condo at King and Spadina

(4.3 out of 5 stars)
by Catherine T. Oct 21, 2017
Very centrally located, at King and Spadina. It has an extensive set of facilities including a swimming pool - everything is located on the seventh floor. A very nice city view when you are exercising - it adds additional motivation. :-)
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this condo is a joke

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 21, 2017
I'll make this quick... I've been living here with my bf for almost 2 years now and this building is honestly such a joke....

-4 elevators (only 2 go to every single floor, the other 2 stop at 6 and one of the lower rise elevators shuts off @ 9pm)
-one of the elevators is ALWAYS broken, there is always an issue and Thyssen is back and forth working on it
-Every quarter they clear everyone from the entire garage (6 floors) from 8-6pm and do a cleaning. Honestly, I grew up in a condo and never did this happen so frequently. There are so many other issues in the building to spend our $$ on
-The walls are thin, if your neighbour is drilling or using a hammer, you'll hear it.
- A default place comes with sliding doors (and they're problematic)
-Zero counter space in the bathroom, like there, actually isn't a counter.
-Rooms are laid out very weird - we're in a 2 bed 2 bath and you would need to have a twin bed in each room (yup, including the master) just to have some real space... very strange
-No window treatments on the windows, but i guess that's to be expected
-Tub has half doors as well... default condo
-Overall, other than location and garage parking and not too difficult visitor parking. I probably wouldn't live here. I'm a driver and its close to the highway and people can come over and get a spot (if they're early enough) but overall the building was poorly constructed and the mgmt company is a joke. They've already switched it twice (Security at least 3 times) for cheaper and crappier companies
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TTC at your door

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alex Moloney Jan 31, 2017
Located just east of Spadina Charlie is the sister building to The Hudson next door by Great Gulf Homes. Registered in 2013 and designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects & Cecconi Simone Inc this building has many liked features by residents. The south and east views are the best especially the south-east corner. Amenities galore and close to the financial district with TTC at your door.
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Jan 25, 2017
Bad: Building not well constructed; very thin walls and noise travels throughout an entire floor. The building is primarily tenanted by young people who tend to blast music for hours at a time. Unlike other buildings in Toronto, this tends to go on well after midnight on the weekends. There are 9 units per floor. Good: If your condo is west facing and you live on a high floor you have the best-unobstructed views in the city.
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