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Condo address: 8 Charlotte St, Toronto, ON, M5V 1K1
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So disappointing :(

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Portia Jan 03, 2019
...This condo is absolutely awful, and what makes it worse is the potential it has to be great. PROS: - Actually has pretty well-designed unit floor plans. - Building has been well-maintained and is still showy. - Has great amenities: good gym, nice steam room, nice pool deck (but the fireside lounge has been broken since the condo was built and you can never go in there). - Great location: Close to grocery, entertainment, harbourfront, cycle paths, and financial district. CONS: Make sure you're well hydrated - this is going to take a while. - The elevators are always broken. Not often, not sometimes, always. I think I have received on average, 3 e-mails every single day over the last 18 months about what status the elevators have. There are four, and in the last 6 months, there was at least one day when none were working. Fortunately, since the pool deck flooded and leaked into the elevator shaft, there is a remote hope that the insurance company will actually do something about it. - Security is a joke. We pay someone to sit behind a desk and accept packages, phone us when food is being delivered, and manage the guest parking, but mostly they are there to enforce inane rules (no strollers allowed on the outdoor deck on the 7th floor, I guess parents have to carry their kids the whole time), but not actually provide security. Our building's outdoor bicycle rack has video surveillance and yet bikes and parts are stolen every single week. Security does nothing. Security also doesn't help with other rules, like the prohibition on throwing things off of balconies. - Throwing things off of balconies is a huge problem: You can expect a hailstorm of cigarette butts (on fire) to ignite your patio furniture (I've lost 3 chairs already) as well as damaging all the furniture on the pool deck, condoms being dropped, and the building across the street has had to board up their sky lights because people were throwing rocks off their balconies to shatter the windows below. For a while, there was a person who vomited off their balcony for several weeks spreading rivulets of vomit down several storeys of windows and balconies. There are a lot of true scum living in the building and security does nothing whatsoever about it, no matter how many letters you write, or photographs you send. (FYI, it is very easy to figure out exactly which unit is responsible for repeatedly vomiting down the side of the building - you just follow the vomit trail up and *mystery solved*!) - The lot across the road has now been sold and construction will begin summer 2019. This will eradicate all of the already meager sunlight the building had, and will mean people across the road will be looking directly into your unit - it is very close. Also, the air pollution is going to be godawful while construction takes place over the next couple of years. Concrete dust coats everything and even cleaning windows on a weekly basis will be insufficient. When the building perpendicular to us was going up, we couldn't go outside all summer long, and all our plants died from the air pollution. Our patio furniture had so much construction dirt on it, it took 6 hours to clean it. - Windows: The windows are excellent insulated glass and don't conduct heat or cold, but the frames for the windows are metal, and they get so freezing in the winter that frost forms indoors, then melts, and then slowly rots away the particle board frames the windows are mounted on, creating black mold. The condo's policy on windows: To prevent humidity, in the middle of winter, keep your sliding doors wide open for 10 minutes per day and that will draw the humidity out. Personally, I would suggest getting better frames, but what do I know, I just live here. - Board seems to be corrupt. As a renter, I am not permitted to have any representation on the board, nor may I receive information about condo board meetings, however I have noticed that our condo services have been getting worse and worse every year, and learned from my neighbour (who is an owner) that last year our condo hired a cleaning company that let's just say, does not have an arm's length relationship with one of the members of the board. As such, I feel that the Board or its members are not acting ethically and have at least one conflict of interest. - Lastly - no barbecues allowed on balconies. This one miffs me because the building across the laneway has barbecues on every balcony and yet we're not allowed to have them. In conclusion: If you are the kind of scum that likes vomiting over your balcony, or throwing combustibles onto other people, really likes climbing stairs, and enjoys stealing bicycles without being caught because security does nothing about it - this is a great building for you!
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