Why CondoEssentials?

Getting the right condo is not an easy task – so many factors have to be considered. There are many real estate websites out there offering an overview of condos and their prices, but there is nothing to give future owners and tenants a sense of how people who live in a particular condo like their units and what the condo complex has to offer. CondoEssentials closes this gap and provides access to unique condo reviews and plenty of other essential information to help you in making the right choice. CondoEssentials is easy to use and equips you with quick and accurate insights.

And that is not all!

We also help you buy or sell condos via licensed real estate professionals who specialize in condos. Do you need the best condo insurance to protect your investments? We help with that as well. We offer all the essential condo tools to make your condo dreams come true.

Our Leadership Team



Henry and his family immigrated to Newfoundland, Canada in 1987; soon after, they moved to Toronto. Henry lived in many of Toronto’s up and coming communities. He graduated from York University in 2004 with a Bachelors in Commerce and a Political Science degree. Soon after, he became a licensed real estate agent. One of Sutton Realty’s top Realtors, Henry purchased his first investment property in Toronto at the age of 19. His secrets to success: hard work, commitment, and passion. At CondoEssentials.com, he is heavily involved in new development projects and customer reviews. In his personal life, Henry is an art and car enthusiast, and he enjoys oil painting as a hobby. He and his wife live in the town of Richmond Hill, along with their one child, who, as he puts it, is the light and vision of his life.

Dmitriy Mityagin


Dmitry is overseeing all technology aspects of CondoEssentials in his role of CTO and co-founder of InsurEye, the company that runs the largest Canadian online review platform for credit cards, mortgages and various types of insurance.

Dmitry’s technology and consulting background allows him to find the best technology solutions for various consumer challenges. InsurEye’s platform is visited annually by millions of Canadians who choose to be informed about the financial decisions they make.

“I am truly excited about condo reviews as they allow people to avoid many mistakes and unexpected surprises when making the largest purchases of their life” says Dmitry.


Alexey has extensive experience in creating and bringing to the market large online platforms and tools for consumers. Alexey is a co-founder of InsurEye, the largest Canadian online platform offering consumer reviews for home, auto, motorcycle, life insurance and credit cards, and mortgages.

The main goal for Alexey is to equip consumers with all the necessary tools to inform their important financial decisions at each stage of their life.

“Consumer reviews represent one of a few truly powerful online tools for consumers – they enable deep insights into other people’s experiences and put extraordinary pressure on companies to perform better. We hope that the online condo reviews offered by CondoEssentials will be another important tool in the tool kit of Canadians when it comes to making large financial decisions,” notes Alexey.